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loren and ponti
Carol Ponti & Sophia Loren

"Sophia Loren is an actress of narrow range, but under skillful direction she is an actress of enormous depth." - Time magazine.

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(b. 1934)
"Sophia Loren was born as Sofia Scicolone at the Clinica Regina Margherita in Rome, Italy, on September 20, 1934. Her father Riccardo was married to another woman and refused to marry her mother Romilda, despite the fact that she was the mother of his two children - Sophia and her younger sister Maria Scicolone." - IMDb

In 1950 Sofia Lazzaro (age 16) met Carlo Ponti, (responsible for starting Gina Lollobridgida's career) while he was judging a beauty contest in Roma that Sofia was a contestant in. . .

Carlo Ponti (1912-2007) was an Italian film producer with over 140 production credits, as well as the husband of Sophia Loren. He accepted an offer from Lux Film company in Rome in 1941, where he produced a series of commercially successful films featuring the comedian Toto. In 1950 he began producing partnership with Dino De Laurentiis. In 1954 he had his greatest artistic success with the production of Federico Fellini's La strada. In 1957 he dissolves partnership with De Laurentiis and marries Sophia Loren. He produced Visconti's Boccaccio '70 in 1962, de Sica's Marriage Italian Style in 1964, de Sicas's Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow and David Lean's Doctor Zhivago in 1965 and three notable films with Michelangelo Antonioni, Blowup in 1966, Zabriskie Point in 1970 and The Passenger in 1974. In 1979 Ponti was fined by Italian court the equivalent of 25 million dollars and sentenced to a four year term in absentia for smuggling art and currency - he did not produce another film until 10 years later.

Elvis and Loren met each other once - in February of 1958 at Paramount Studios while Elvis was filming King Creole. According to Bob Willoughby, who took photos, Loren spotted 23-yr-old Presley eating lunch in the commissary and decided to go over & introduce herself - she promptly sat in his lap, gave him a kiss, & began mussing his carefully sculpted pompadour.   more photos here

Loren and Elvis, Hollywood, 1958
Elvis and Loren, Hollywood, 1958

In April 1957, Jayne Mansfield's breasts were the feature of a notorious publicity stunt intended to deflect attention from Sophia Loren during a dinner party in the Italian star's honor. Photographs of the encounter were published around the world. The most famous image showed Loren's gaze falling upon the cleavage of the American actress who, sitting between Loren and her dinner companion, Clifton Webb, had leaned over the table, allowing her breasts to spill over her low neckline and exposing one nipple. - Wikipedia

Mansfield and Loren
Jane Mansfield & Sophia Loren

Welcoming party for Loren at
Romanoff's, Hollywood, 1957

  Il voto
  as Sofia Scicolone
Toto Tarzan
Cuori sul mare
Lebbra bianca
  as Sofia Lazzaro
Io sono il capata
  as Sofia Scicolone
Milan milliardara
  as Sofia Scicolone
Quo Vadis
Il mago per forza
  as Sofia Scicolone

Bonnard, Mario

Mattoli, Mario

Bianchi, Giorgio

Trapani, Enzo

Simonelli, Giorgio

Girolami, Marion plus 2

LeRoy, Mervyn & Mann, Anthony

Girolami, Marino plus 2














Era lui, si, si!   (It's Him, Yes! Yes!)

17 year old Sofia Lazzaro
before she was named Sophia Loren


adult content Sophia Loren | 2 | 3 | 4
Sophia Loren: Era Lui, Si! Si!
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Girolami, Marino
Marchesi, Marcello
Metz, Vittorio
Synopsis: A high-camp bedroom farce in which Fernando, owner of a large chain store, suffers from worrying dreams: he seems to successfully court saucy women, but just as he is about to win them over, a youngster comes on the scene and steals them from under his nose. One day a young graduate, Walter, turns up in search of work, and since he is almost identical to Fernando's dream rival, the latter thinks to send him packing but after persuasion hires him. A series of comic events ensue, revealing a subconscious episode dating back to Fernando's childhood but all ends well, Fernando is cured and Walter gets his just desserts. Sophia Loren, age 17, under the name Sofia Lazzaro, had a small role in the film - playing a model wearing a bridal dress and a harem scene.

Era lui... si! si! " is the most controversial of Sophia's movies; she showed her breasts in the French version of the movie, that is impossible to find today. . . Rumors claim Carlo Ponti bought all the French copies and destroyed them. Also starring: Silvana Pampanini, Nyta Dover, Sulema - Nude Celeb Forum (adult content)

According to Sophia, "When I was 15 I posed for some semi-nude pictures. I am ashamed of them. I hid them from my mother at the time. I was offered a small part in an Italian film Era Lui, Si Si. The scene involved several girls like myself in harem costume and, for the Italian version it was all right to wear clothes. The director asked that we do one take topless for the French version. I did not want to, but I was hungry. The other girls oblige4d him and, after a monemt's hesitation I did too. After the scene thayt came and said they must do some still pictures of me with nothings on top. I thought it had to be. . . "
Italy 1951
  Il padrone del vapore
  as Sofia Lazzaro
Mattoli, Mario Italy 1951
Anna   (uncredited)

  • wikipedia

Lattuada, Alberto
Anna is a 1951 Italian drama film starring the same trio as in Bitter Rice - with Silvana Mangano as Anna, the sinner who becomes a nun; Raf Vallone as Andrea, the rich man who loves her; and Vittorio Gassman as Vittorio, the wicked waiter who sets Anna on a dangerous path. Silvana Mangano's real sister, Patrizia Mangano, acts as Anna's sister on the film. Sophia Loren has a small uncredited role as a nightclub assistant. Anna became one of the greatest successes of the Cinema of Italy. Music by Nino Rota. "The Bayon" song became a classic in Italy and Spain.
Italy 1951 dvd
  E arrivato l'accordatore
  as Sofia Lazzaro
Il sogno di Zorro
  as Sofia Lazzaro
La tratta delle bianche
  as Sofia Lazzaro
Le sei mogli di Barbablu
  as Sofia Lazzaro
Coletti, Duilio

Soldati, Mario

Comencini, Luigi

Bragaglia, Carlo Ludovico






  • Two Nights with Cleopatra
    (Due notti con Cleopatra)

    Swimming naked in temple pool

    publicity photographs

    Mario Mattoli

    Nineteen year old Sophia Loren plays a dual role, as both the sultry Queen of the Nile with a "man-a-night" appetite and a beautiful slave girl who takes her place and is wooed by a bodyguard who thinks she's the real monarch. Loren swims around in the temple pool possibly giving the viewer some blurry views of her nude body. . .

    19 year old Sophia Loren

      • Due notti con cleopatra
    Italy 1953 DVD
      Pellegrini d'amore
    La domenica della buona gente
    Un giorno in pretura
    Africa sotto i mari
    Forzano, Andrea
    Majano, Anton Giulio
    Roccardi, Giovanni
      La favorita
    A film version of Gaetano Donizetti's celebrated opera. Sofia Lazzaro (for the 1st time is billed as Sophia Loren on the recommendation of Carlo Ponti) is dubbed by Palmira Vitali Marini.

    Barlacchi, Cesare Italy 1952/53
    Aida   (voice of Renata Tebald)

    ". . and the illustrious name
    is here forced me to hide."

    Fracassi, Clemente

    Sophia Loren as Aida, poster

    Italy 1953
      Let's Meet in the Gallery
    (Ci troviamo in galleria)

    Bolognini, Mauro
    Gardenio (Carol Dapporto), an old variety show performer who has once known some success, makes a living organizing third-rate tours in small provincial towns. During a show met with hisses and whistles of disapproval, the spectators demand that Caterina (Nilla Pizzi), the bar's lovely cashier, be allowed to sing. The show is a success and the young woman becomes part of Gardenio's small company. Directed by Mauro Bolognini. Sophia Loren as the red-haired dancer steals the show in a couple of scenes, especially when she's dressed in a simple swimsuit that hides nothing of her curves!

    Mauro Bolognini's notable films of the 1950s and early 1960s include Giovani mariti ("Young Husbands"), La notte brava, La giornata balorda ("From a Roman Balcony"), and Il bell'Antonio (arguably his masterpiece starring Marcello Mastroianni & Claudia Cardinale), all written by Pier Paolo Pasolini. Parting professionally with Pasolini in 1961, Bolognini went on to direct two sensual love stories starring Cardinale, La Viaccia and Senilita.

    Italy 1953
      The Country of the Campanelli
    (Il paese dei capanelli)
    The Country of the Companelli
    Boyer, Jean
    Italy 1954
      The Anatomy of Love
    (Tempi nostri)

    Sophia Loren and Toto
    Blasetti, Alessandro
    Paviot, Paul
    A five-part compilation film in black and white. Co-starring Vittorio de Sica, Marcello Mastroianni, Yves Montand, etc. . .
    The Anatomy of Love poster

    Italy 1954
      Poverty and Nobility
    (Miseria e nobilta)

    Mattioli, Mario
    "The writer Felice (Totò) and the photographer Pasquale (Enzo Turco) live in poverty, constantly bickering as they attempt to ply their respective arts. Their friend Eugenio, son of the Marquis Ottavio, convinces the two to accompany him and pretend they are aristocrats when he goes to ask for the hand of his beloved Gemma (Sophia Loren). All the double crosses, mixed messages and startling coincidences are handled with exquisite comic timing, presided over by Totò as a kind of manic ringmaster." - MUBI

    Italy 1954
      Carosello Napoletan

    Giannini, Ettore

    Naples, 1950. A storyteller, living with his large family in a miserable hovel, is evicted and leaves with his family in the streets. . . A gust of wind sweeps away leaves and follow each other on the screen the episodes that form the subject of the songs

    Italy 1954
    Gold of Naples

    De Sica, Vittorio
    Mount Vesuvius broods over four stories set in De Sica's beloved Naples. The reluctant host (Toto') of a bullying gangster takes a stand; an earthy pizza-vending goddess (Sophia Loren) convinces her husband that she lost an emerald ring in her pizza dough, not during a lovers' tryst; a dapper count (Vittorio De Sica) in thrall to a gambling addiction is reduced to playing cards with his concierge's small son; and a beautiful prostitute (Silvana Mangano) gratefully consents to a marriage with a handsome stranger. A masterpiece by Vittorio de Sica, one of Italy's most revered filmmakers. This was the first participation of Sophia with De Sica who would become her mentor and friend and the director of her most successful films.

    "The twenty-minute episode (Pizze a credito) is memorable for a scene of Sophia strutting through the neighborhood during a rainstorm, with her drenched dress clinging to her body, her bosoms bouncing and her eyes flashing at every man she passes. And as it happens, Sophia catches bronchial pneumonia from the artificial downpours during a cold February month in Naples. . ." - Sophia Loren Archives

      • Abbracci e pop corn: de Sica
          loro di napoli
      • Demonoid
      • Sharp Lcd Tv Keeps Turning Off

    Gold of Naples, loro de napoli  poster

    Italy 1954

      • Sophia Loren - 4 film collection
          • Attila (1954)
          • Carosello Napoletan (1954)
          • Madame Sans-Gene (1962)
          • Sunflower (1970)
      • DVDBeaver review

    Francisci, Pietro

    Attila poster

    Italy 1954
      Too Bad She's Bad
    (Peccato che sia una canaglia)
    starring Vittorio de Sica
    Sophia Loren
    Marcello Mastroiammi

    beach scene in Too Bad She's Bad

    Blasetti, Alessandro
    This off-the-wall "commedia all'italiana" pairs Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni for the first time. It's a minor yet breezy and uncomplicated Italian farce in black and white. Young and attractive Lina Stroppiani (Loren), a thief like the rest of her family, tries to steal the taxi of Paolo (Mastroiammi), together with two accomplices. He thwarts them and sees her home, only to find out soon enough she's also a pickpocket, and her wily papa (de Sica) works a luggage-stealing scheme down at the train station.
    Peccato che sia una canaglia
    Italy 1954
      Woman of the River
      aka The River Girl
      (La donna del fiume)

    The new ANatomic bomb!

    Soldati, Mario

    When peasant girl Nives (Sophia Loren) is deserted by smuggler Gino Lodi (Rik Battaglia), she betrays him to the police. Police officer Enzo Cinti (Gérare Oury), who loves Nives, traces her to the Po River cane fields, where she is working as a cutter to support herself and an infant son, and warns her that Gino has escaped from prison and is seeking revenge. She rejects his offer to protect her. Gino finds Nives, mourning the drowning death of their son. He surrenders himself to the police and then walks at Nives' side in the funeral procession.

    Carlo Ponti cajoled Mario Soldati into directing Loren in La Donna del Fiume, which he had hoped would do for Loren what Bitter Rice had done for Dino's future wife, Silvana Mangano. All it did, in fact, was to provide some sexy pin-ups of Loren, and give Pier Paolo Pasolini one of his first scriptwriting credits. (The Guardian

    "La donna del fiume, a post-neorealist melodrama set among the exploited poorest of the poor in northern Italy, casts Sophia as a girl in an eel cannery who ultimately ends up cutting cane at the mouth of the Po River. She sports ill-fitting shorts, rustic sweaters, and sun hats - and she owns the screen." - Deirdre Donohue, Sophia Style

    This is Sophia's first film to get American producers' attention and convinced Stanley Kramer and MGM to sign her in The Pride and the Passion two years later. Splendid Technicolor photography heightens Sophia's voluptuousness who is billed in the USA as "Sophia the Sizzler" and "the most luscious female on the screen today". On the last day of shooting, Ponti visited the set and offered Sophia a ring - it was the first significant gift he offered Sophia - they were married two years later.

    Italy 1954 dvd
      Il segno di Venere
    (The Sign of Venus)

    Risi, Dino

    Black and white film starring Vittoria de Sica, Sophia Loren, Raf Vallone, and Franca Valeri- A comedy about a woman called Cesira (Valeri), that tries to get a husband any way she can. We watch her struggle, while her cousin (Loren) gets all the attention of men she could possibly want without any trouble at all. Vittorio de Sica plays a hilarious role, as an old, poor poet, that uses every known trick to get some money causing amazingly funny scenes. The end is quite sad, not suiting the tone of the movie.

      • YouTube 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
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    Italy 1955
      The Miller's Beautiful Wife
    (La bella mugnaia)

    Camerini, Mario

    An earthy comedy shot in CinemaScope/Technicolor and starring Vittorio de Sica, Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni. Vittorio De Sica stars as a lecherous governor of Naples in 1680 who lusts after the wives of several peasants, particularly the miller's wife Carmela, played by a ravishing Sophia Loren. The miller himself, played by a youngish Marcello Mastroianni, plans to avenge his honor by seducing the wife of the governor. Wonderful fun!
    Italy 1955
      Scandal in Sorrento
    Pane, amore e. . .

    starring Sophia Loren & Vittorio de Sica

    Pan amore y. . .

    Risi, Dino

    In Eastmancolor. Marshall Antonio Carotenuto (de Sica) comes back to native Sorrento to take care of the local fire brigade. But since Sofia (Loren), a very nice fishmonger, occupies his native house, Antonio shares another home with Donna Violante (Lea Padovani), who secretly falls in love with him. Sofia accepts to marry Antonio almost as a joke to make Nicolino (Antonio Cifariello), a traffic policeman, jealous. . .

    Italy 1955
      Lucky to Be a Woman
    (La fortune di essere donna)

    Charles Boyer, Mastreoianni & Loren

    Blasetti, Alessandro
    A breezy, inconsequential, but likable comedy (in black and white) about a photographer, Corrado (Mastroianni) who snaps a picture of a Rome beauty, Antonietta (Loren). The photo, much to Antonietta's surprise, winds up on the front page of a magazine. She wants to sue! At the instigation of Corrado the girl allows herself to be courted by the Count Senetti (Boyer), whose specialty is launching cinema careers of potential female stars and sleeping with them. The lewd count takes a sexual interest in Antonietta. It is dashed by the sudden appearance on the scene of the count's legitimate wife (Elisa Cegani).
    Lucky to Be a Woman poster
    Italy 1955
      Boy On a Dolphin
      with Alan Ladd and Clifton Webb

    Negulesco, Jean

    "Phaedra (Loren) is a poor sponge diver on the lovely Greek isle of Hydra. While diving, she discovers an ancient brass and gold stature of a boy riding a dolphin, which is said to have the magical power to grant wishes. Her shiftless boyfriend wants to sell it to an unscrupulous art collector (Clifton Webb), but Phaedra wants to give it to anthropologist Jim Calder (Alan Ladd), who would return it to the Greek government." - IMDb

    Italy 1957
      Pride and the Passion
      with Cary Grant & Frank Sinatra

    Kramer, Stanley


    USA 1957
      Legend of the Lost
      with John Wayne & Rossano Brazzi
    legend of the lost

    Hathaway, Henry 1957
      Desire Under the Elms
      with Anthony Perkins & Burl Ives

    Mann, Delbert

      • IMDb

    USA 1958
      The Key
      with William Holden
    William Holden and Sohpia Loren in The Key directed by carol Reed in UK

    Reed, Carol Uk 1958
      The Black Orchid
      with Anthony Quinn
    Sophia Loren in Black Orchard
    Anthony Quinn and Sophia Loren in The Black Orchid directed by Martin Ritt, USA 1958

    Ritt, Martin USA 1958<
      with Cary Grant
    Cary Grant and Sophia Loren in Houseboad directed by Melville Shavelson, USA

    Shavelson, Melville USA< 1958
      That Kind of Woman
      with Tab Hunter, Jack Warden, Barbara Nichols

    Lumet, Sidney

    USA 1959
      Heller in Pink Tights
      with Anthony Quinn
    Anthony Quinn and Sophia Loren in Heller in Pink Tights directed by George Cukor

    Cukor, George USA 1960
      A Breath of Scandal
      with Maurice Chevalier & John Gavin
    Curtiz, Michael Italy 1960
      It Started in Naples
      with Clark Gable & Vittorio de Sica

    It Started In Naples, starring Clark Gable and Sophia Loren, poster

    Shavelson. Melville

      • Tu vuo fa LAmericano
    USA 1960
      The Millionaires
      with Peter Sellers
    The Millionairess starring Sophia Loren and Peter Sellers poster

    Asquith, Anthony UK 1960
  • Two Women / La ciociara
      with Eleonora Brown & Jean-Paul Belmondo

    de Sica, Vittorio
    "Cesira (Sophia Loren) and her 13-year-old daughter, Rosetta (Eleonora Brown), flee from the allied bombs in Rome during the second world war. They travel to the village where Cesira was born. During their journey and in the village, the mother does everything to protect Rosetta. However, on one occasion they both get raped by soldiers hiding in a church. This cruel event is too much for the always powerful fighting Cesira and she suffers from a breakdown. During their stay in the village, a young intellectual, Michele (Jean-Paul Belmondo) falls in love with Cesira who does not know how to reply to the advances of such a gentleman" - IMDb

    In 1962, Loren won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Two Women, along with 21 awards, becoming the first actress to win an Academy Award for a non-English-speaking performance. Loren has won 50 international awards, including two Oscars, seven Golden Globe Awards, a Grammy Award, a BAFTA Award and a Laurel Award. In 1999, she was listed by the American Film Institute as #21 of 25 American female screen legends of all time. . .
    de Sica - Sophia Loren in Two Women

    Italy 1961 video
      El Sid
      with Charlton Heston
    el sid

    Mann, Anthony

    USA 1961
      Madame Sans-Gene


    "Catherine (Loren), an out-spoken Parisian laundress follows Napoleon's army to the battlefront to be near her Sergeant Lefevre. . . later she squabbles with Napoleon's haughty sisters, scandalizes the nobility with her lack of courtly manners, flirts with the men - and consistently creates havoc as she remains true to her earthy background" - IMDb

  • Boccaccio '70

    La riffa
        (with Sophia Loren)
    Le tentazioni del dottor Antonio
        (with Anita Ekberg)
    Li lavoro
        (with Romy Schneider)
    Rennzo e Luciana
        (with Marisa Solinas)

    de Sica, Vittorio

    Fellini, Federico

    Visconti, Luchino

    Monicelli, Mario

    Italy 1962 2 dvds
      The Condemned of Altona
    (I sequestrati di Altona )
      with Maximillan Schell, Fredric March
       and Robert Wagner.

    de Sica, Vittorio

    Based on Jean-Paul Sartre's play about WW2 and the New Germany. This is a darkly disturbing film of a Nazi war criminal, Franz Gerlach (Schell), still wearing his German army uniform, who is hidden in the attic of his father's house, and led to believe that World War II is still going on. His sister lets him think the war is still going on, twenty years later. She reads him made-up news bulletins about the Allies' destruction of Germany, feeding his madness. When Franz is finally "released" and goes out into the city to see what Germany has become. People stare and laugh at him, as he walks around the modern city in his old Nazi uniform. He is bewildered by all the modern buildings and signs of prosperity in a Germany he had believed utterly destroyed forever. The last scene has Franz and his father (March) standing above the industrial complex that's been created. Although this film was not entirely successful, there are scenes that will stay with you.
  • Sirens of the Silver Screen:
    Two Woman
    Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
    de Sica, Vittorio Italy
      Five Miles to Midnight
      with Anthony Perkins
    Anthony Perkins and Sophia Loren in Five Miles to Midnight directed by Anatole Litvak, France and Italian production 1962

    Litvak, Anatole France/Italy 1962
  • Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
      with Marcello Mastroianni

    de Sica, Vittorio Italy 1963 video
      The Fall of the Roman Empire
    with Stephen Boyd, Alec Alec Guinness, James Mason, Christopher Plummer, John Ireland, Omar Sharif, Mel Ferrer, etc.
    Sophia Loren, Stephen Boyd, Alec Alec Guinness, James Mason, Christopher Plummer, John Ireland, Omar Sharif, Mel Ferrer in The Fall of the Roman Empire dircted by Anthony Mann, USA and Rome, 1964
    Sophia Loren, Stephen Boyd, Alec Alec Guinness, James Mason, Christopher Plummer, John Ireland, Omar Sharif, Mel Ferrer in The Fall of the Roman Empire dircted by Anthony Mann, USA and Rome, 1964, poster

    Mann, Anthony USA 1964
      Marriage Italian Style
      with Marcello Mastroianni

    Sophia Loren in Marriage Italian Style

    de Sica, Vittorio

    Oscar nomination for Best Actress.
    Italy 1964
      Operation Crossbow
      with George Peppard & Trevor Howard
    Sophia Loren and George Pappard in Ooperation Crossbow
    Anderson, Michael UK 1964
      Lady L
      with Paul Newman & David Niven
    Sophia Loren and Paul Newman  in Lady L
    Sophia Loren on set of "Lady L"
    Sophia Loren and Paul Newman in Lady L
    Ustinov, Peter Fr/Italy/UK 1965
      with Peter Finch
    Sophia Loren and Peter Finch in Judith
    Mann, Daniel Isreal/UK/US 1966
      with Gregory Peck
    Sophia Loren and Gregory Peck in Arabesque
    Donen, Stanley USA 1966
      A Countess from Hong Kong
      with Marlon Brando
    Sophia Loren and Marlon Brando in A Contess from Hong Kong directed by Charlies Chaplin 1967
    Chaplin, Charles UK/USA 1967
      More than a Miracle/C'era una volta. .
      starring Sophia Loren & Omar Sharif

    Rosi, Sharif & Loren on set
    Rosi, Francesco

    In Metrocolor. "A wonderful fairy tale of the misadventures of a beautiful but temperamental Neapolitan peasant, Isabella (Loren, when she meets the ill- tempered Spanish Prince Rodrigo Ferrante y Davalos (Sharif). . . With the help of both witches and saints, Isabella conquers the heart of her Prince after many amusing events . . ." - IMDb
    "Shot in convincing storybook fashion at several suitably picturesque historical locations, this delightful film has been described by Rosi as a "realistic, credible" fairy tale "not so very far from my usual world.'. . . 'A much underrated film, made with style, charm and warmth . . . ' (Richard Roud). - Pacific Cinematheque
      Ghosts - Italian Style
    with Vittorio Gassman & Mario Adorf
    Castellani, Renato Italy/France 1967
      Sunflower   (I Girasoli)
      with Marcello Mastroianni

    Sophia Loren and  Marcello Mastroianni in I Girasoli - Sunflower directed by Vittorio de Sica

    de Sica, Vittorio Italy 1970
      The Priest's Wife
      with Marcello Mastroianni
    Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroiani in The Priet's Wife directed by Dino Risi
    Risi, Dino Italy/France 1971
      The Sin aka White Sister
    (Bianco, rosso e)

    Lattuada, Alberto

    Sister Hermana Germana (Loren) falls in love with her patient (Annibale Pezzi), who happens to be a communist. Fernando Rey plays the hospital's doctor.
    "This is a peculiar old mess of a movie. Part 'nunsploitation' (although lacking nudity and violence), part star vehicle for Loren, and part political film - the result is not entirely successful.

    Italy 1971
      Lady Liberty

    Monicelli, Mario Italy/France 1972
      Man of La Mancha
      with Peter O'Toole
    Sophia Loren and Peter O'Toole in Man of La Mancha
    Sophia Loren and Peter O'Toole in Man of La Mancha

    Hiller, Arthur Italy/USA 1972
      The Voyage
      with Richard Burton

    Sica, Vittorio de Italy/France 1974
      with Jean Gabin

    Cayatte, André Italy/France 1974
      La Pupa del Gangster
        with Loren and Marcello Mastroianni

    Capitani, Giorgio France/Italy 1975
      The Cassandra Crossing
      with Richard Harris & Martin Sheen
    Sophia Loren and Richard Harris in The Cassandra Crosing 1976

    Cosmatos, George P. Italy/France 1976
      A Special Day
      with Marcello Mastroianni
    sophia loren and Marcello Mastroianni in A Special Day, directed by Ettore Scola, 1977
    Scola, Ettore Italy 1977

    Sagal, Boris Canada,
    USA, Italy
      Blood Feud

    Wertmuller, Lina Italy 1978
      Brass Target

    Hough, John USA 1978
      with James Coburn. Eli Wallach

    Winner, Michael

    A merc (James Coburn is hired by the FBI to track down a powerful recluse criminal. A woman (Loren) is also trying to track him down for her own personal vendetta. Co-staring O.J.Simpson, Eli Wallach, etc. Lots of shootings and explosions within a very confusing plot - not a very good movie.
    UK 1979
      Sabato, domenica e lunedi
    Saturday, Sunday and Monday
    Wertmuller, Lina Italy 1990

    Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni
    Altman, Robert USA 1994
      Grumpier Old Men
      with Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Ann-Margret
    sophia loren in Grumpier Old Men
    sophia loren in Grumpier Old Men
    Deutch, Howard USA 1995
    sophia loren in Soleil

    Hanin, Roger 1997
      Between Strangers
    Sophia Loren in Between Strangers directed by Edoardo Ponti

    Ponti, Edoardo 2002
      Too Much Romance . . .
        It's Time for Stuffed Peppers

    sophia loren in Too Much Romance . . It's Time for Stuffed Peppers

    Wertmuller, Lina

    Marshall, Rob
    "In 2009, after five years off the set and fourteen years since she starred in a prominent US theatrical film, Loren starred in Rob Marshall's film version of "Nine," based on the Broadway musical. . .
    Loren was Marshall's first and only choice for the role. The film also stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Penelope Cruz, Kate Hudson, Marion Cotillard, and Nicole Kidman" - Wikipedia
    USA 2009

      • My House Is Full of Mirrors
      • Lives of the Saints
      • Francesca and Nunziata
      • Runnning Away
      • The Fortunate Pilgrim
      • Courage
      • Qualxosa di blondo
      • Sophia Loren: Hew Own Story
      • Hallmark Hall of Fame
      • Brief Encounter
    with Richard Burton


    Loren (age 76) at Academy of Motion Picture
    Arts and Sciences, Hollywood, May 4, 2011

    Carlo Ponti and Sophia Loren
    Carlo Ponti and Sophia Loren at
    the wedding of Carlo Ponti Jr. 2007

    Italian actress Sophia Loren is a remarkable beauty. Although she turned 77 years old today, she hasn't lost much of her inner glow. To celebrate her birthday, take a gander back at some of her most glamorous looks from the past six decades here



    Sophia Loren singing "Mambo Bacan"
    Woman of the River (1955)
    45 record

    YouTube: Sophia Loren dances to Mambo Bacan




    Silvana Mangano in Bitter Rice 1949
    directed by Giuseppe De Santis
    produced by Dino De Laurentiis


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