Expulsion from the Garden
charcoal, paint, & collage
Private collection, Massachusetts
Copyright © 2002 - by the artist Scattergood-Moore

This mixed media was inspired by:

A.D. 2267, a poem by John Frederick Nims;
Expulsion from the Garden of Eden,
    a fresco (c. 1424-28) by Masaccio;
    and a drawing (n.d.) by Raphael.

A. D. 2267

Once on the gritty moon (burnt earth hung are
In the black, rhinestone sky - lopsided star),
Two gadgets, with great fishbowls for a head,
Feet clubbed, hips loaded, shoulders bent. She said,
"Fantasies haunt me. A green garden. Two
Lovers aglow in flesh. The pools so blue!"
He whirrs with masculine pity. "Can't forget
Old superstitions? The earth-legend yet?"

      John Frederick Nims


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