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"In 1969 and 1970, David Cronenberg began his career as a feature filmmaker with two movies, each coming out to about an hour-long each, called Stereo and Crimes of the Future. . . Cronenberg seems proud of both films, . . . but he says they're not films to build a career on. . . These two films are joined at the hip, pairing off together in a way that almost seems deliberate, though some of their peculiarities, such as, or especially, the absence of dialogue or synchornized sound, the only words spoken coming through extensive narration were . . . decisions made in part for practical, budget-and-equipment reasons. . . they both use narration to the exclusion of the on-screen actors speaking to one another, they're both about science . . . and they're both balls-out crazy. . . even with all the madness that has followed over the course of Cronenberg over forty years making movies, Stereo and Crimes of the Future manage to stand alone. They're experimental in a way that even Naked Lunch and Crash don't try to be. Somehow, Cronenberg has managed to build a career on films like those two, but not these two."

  • The Kind of Face You Hate:
     part 01 Stereo
     part 01 & Crimes of the Future

     part 02 Shivers & Rabid
     part 03 Fast Company
     part 04 The Brood
     part 05 Scanners
     part 06 Videodrome
     part 07 The Dead Zone
     part 08 The Fly
     part 09 Dead Ringers
     part 10 Naked Lunch
     part 11 M Butterfly
     part 12 Crash
     part 13 eXistentZ & Spider
     part 14 A History of Violence
     part 01 & Eastern Promises

     part 15 A Dangerous Method
     part 16 Cosmopolis
     part 17 Consumed - a novel
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  • Stereo Cronenberg's first feature film

      • YouTube: 44:32 recut with soundtrack
      • Mil Milhoes de Centopeias

    Cronenberg, David Canada/USA 1969 see #721
    Crimes of the Future

    Cronenberg, David Canada 1970 dvd
  • Shivers aka They Came From Within

    Cronenberg, David Canada/USA 1974 dvd
  • Rabid Cronenberg, David Canada/USA 1976 dvd
    The Brood

    Cronenberg, David Canada/USA 1979 dvd
  • Scanners   (dual-format)

    "All of Cronenberg's films are about human decay and this one is no exception. . . Unfortunately, despite loads of action and blood, there is precious little suspense driving this film. . . Still, Scanners is a classic and it certainly blew people away when it showed up in cinemas in the waning months of the Carter Era." - eSplatter

    Cronenberg, David Canada/USA 1981 3 dvds #721

  • Scanners Cronenberg, David Canada/USA 1980 video
    Videodrome Cronenberg, David Canada/USA 1983 dvd #248
  • Videodrome

    Cronenberg, David Canada/USA 1983 video
  • The Dead Zone

    Cronenberg, David Canada/USA 1983 dvd

  • The Fly
    The Fly   [more]

    Cronenberg, David Canada/USA 1986 video
    2 dvds
  • Dead Ringers   out of print
    Dead Ringers
    dead ringers
    In July of 1975, Stewart and Cyril Marcus died, both of them, in their Manhattan apartment. Withdrawal from a shared addiction to barbiturates was the official cause of death. They were brothers, identical twins, in fact, and both were gynecologists. Their lives and careers by this point had been shattered not just by drugs, but by malpractice charges having to do with what Ron Rosenbaum and Susan Edmiston, in "Dead Ringers," their Esquire article about the twins, refer to as "a powerful aversion to filling out insurance forms." So this, the ruining of their bodies with drugs and alcohol, and those same substances beginning to affect their work to the point that their careers were essentially ruined, eventually led to their deaths, which, official judgment or no, remained, and remains, mysterious for a variety of reasons. . . - The Cronenberg series, Part 9: I'm Not You

    Cronenberg, David Canada/USA 1988 dvd #21
  • Naked Lunch
    Cronenberg and Burroughs
    Naked Lunch

    Cronenberg, David Canada/USA 1991 2 dvds #220
    M Butterfly

    In 1964, a 20 year old French diplomat named Bernard Boursicot (named Rene Gallimard in the movie - played by Jeremy Irons) who was posted in Peking, China met a 26 year old Chinese opera singer named Shi Pei Pu (Song Liling in the film). They carried on a sexual affair as man and woman, one that included Shi Pei Pu insisting she had given birth to their child - Shi Du Du. Boursicot either believed or accepted the situation. After twenty years, when both were in their 40s, the affair ended and it was revealed that Boursicot had been feeding secret documents to Shi Pei Pu - both were arrested and convicted of treason. In the course of the investigation and trial, it was revealed that Shi Pei Pu was a man who had fooled Boursicot into believing he was a woman and that the child, Shi Du Du, had been purchased. The disguise seems to have stemmed from the fact that even in the 1960s, female roles in Chinese opera were traditionally played by men. The two men did their prison time and were eventually released. Boursicot had been only 20 years old when he met Shi Pei Pu, and Shi Pei Pu had been 26. When their affair ended, both were in their 40s. Boursicot attempted suicide in prison but failed. Shi Pei Pu died in 2009. . . When contacted about his former lover's death, Boursicot said "He did so many things against me that he had no pity for, I think it is stupid to play another game now and say I am sad. The plate is clean now. I am free.

      • There Is A Vision of the Orient That I Have

    Cronenberg, David Canada/USA 1993 YouTube

    Cronenberg, David Canada/USA 1996 video
  • EXistenZ

    Cronenberg, David Canada/USA 1999 dvd

    Cronenberg, David Canada/USA 2002 dvd
  • A History of Violence
      • trailer

    Cronenberg, David Canada/USA 2005 dvd
    Eastern Promises
      • trailer

    Cronenberg, David Canada/USA 2007 dvd
    A Dangerous Method
    David Cronenberg - A Dangerous Method - 2011
    Keira Knightley as Sabrina Spielrein
    David Cronenberg - A Dangerous Method - 2011
    Michael Fassbender as Carl Jung
    David Cronenberg - A Dangerous Method - 2011
    Viggo Mortensen as Sigmund Freud

      • MUBI Notebook Reviews
      ‹ MUBI review - The Daily
      • NYFF 2011

    Cronenberg, David UK/Germany
    David Cronenbery Cosmopolis 2012

      • MUBI: Cannes 2012

    Cronenberg, David

    Cosmopolis is a day in the life of Eric Packer, a 28-year-old New York stock market multi-millionaire, as he crosses Manhattan in his customized limousine to go for a haircut. His cross-town journey becomes an almost vertical voyage, with bizarre occurrences and an authentic parade of crazy characters along the way, in a landscape that depicts the modern soul of the West at the end of the millennium. -

    Portugal / Italy


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