The   S C A T T E R G O O D   Family

WILLIAM SCATTERGOOD (Feb. 26, 1822- Oct. 1, 1895) died age 73, cause ? unknown
  married to HELEN HUDSON BATES (? - ?)
  Edward Arthur Scattergood   died age 70; cause ? unknown
      married to Mary Ellen BROOKS   (1st wife)   died age 39

        Edward Scattergoood (1881 to ?)   died age ? cause ? unknown
            married to Cora CLEGG (no dates)   died of old age with diabetes

              Hudson Clegg Scattergood   died age 69;   with colon cancer  
                  married Rachael BALDWIN   died age 89 with brain tumor

                     Hudson "Pete" Scattergood   alive

                     John Robert Scattergood   died age 66 with                          married

              Meredith Scattergood   (no dates)   unknown
                  married to Gordon CRABTREE

                     Gordon Jr. Crabtree   lives in Florida
                     Susan Crabtree   lives in Miami Florida

        Helen May Scattergood   died age 72 of stroke
             married to Howard A. BAKER - died age 54

              Margorie Baker   died age 57; heart ? disease
                  married to Andrew Bell KELLY   died age 63

                     Howard Baker Kelly alive
                        married to Jean
                         Andy Kelly
                         ? Kelly

                     Betsy Ross Kelly alive

                        married to Stephan Gerard SHEA

                         Ross Baker Kelly   (lives in Chicago IL)   alive
                         Leigh Ann Shea

              Josephine Baker   died age 67 with dementia from stroke
                  married to William ANGELL   died 1997

                     Joan Angell   (born 1948)   alive
                        married to Phillip WILLIAMS
                          Angie William

                     Robert Angell   (born 1950)   alive
                        married to Rosemary (1st wife - divorced)
                          Matthew Angell   (born 1976)
                          Kristian Anagell   (born 1979)
                        married to Jane Kearns (2nd wife)

  Edward Arthur Scattergood  2nd wife
      married to Mary Elizabeth DRONSFIELD   died age 82
at Christian Science Nursing Home, Rt. 9, Chestnut Hill, MA

        Elisabeth Scattergood Rogers   died age 64
            death by violent  suicide   from self mutilation & drowning.
            committed 3 or 4 times at Butler Hospital, Providence, RI;
received electric shocks for chronic  manic depression  
            married briefly to Howard Gardner ROGERS (nd)

               no children

        Albert Arthur Scattergood   died age 68         tumor on neck?  
            death recorded as "Christian Science case" (cardiovascular disease)

            married to Mary "Mae" Emily MOORE   died age 37

Anna Moore Scattergood, Scattergood-Moore and Emily D Scattergood
c. 1976, photo booth at Woolworth's, Wellesley, MA c. 1976

               Gene Arthur Scattergood   (b. 11-30-40)
                   aka Scattergood-Moore   website:
                   PROSTATE CANCER: robotic radical prostatectomy  
                   small amount of cancer cells remain outside prostate capsule
                   survivor of   parental child abduction      Take Root
                   survivor of chronic depression     and   anxiety  
                   married to Phyllis A. ROSEN (b. 6-13-44)   divorced 1984

                   Scattergood-Moore websites:
                   PantherPro WebDesign
                   Helen West Heller  |  HWH timeline & art inventory   (2)
                   The Studio Cat (1997-2014)  |  Artists' Sketchbooks Online

                     Anna Moore Scattergood (b. 8-13-1968)  suvivor ?

                         Anna M. Sidman
                         1. married to Eric L. SIDMAN, attorney (divorced)
                           Sophie A. Sidman (b. 10-12-99)

                         Anna Capelouto
                         2. married to Dr. Carl Creighton CAPELOUTO    
                             urological surgeon, managing director: Stream
                             Pink Ribbon Story Foundation
                               Sarah Capelouto (b. 1992) & ?David R. Capelouto (b. 1989)

                            Anna Capelouto: survivor model & host committee
Georgia Plastic Surgery and Medical Day Spa
                            Pink Ribbons Luncheon 2013   Atlanta, GA

                     Dr. Emily D. Scattergood   diagnostic & pediatric radiology  
                          BREAST CANCER: double mastectomy  
                         married to Dr. William D. SIROVER

                           Samantha "Sam" Sirover (b. )
                           Lillian "Lilly" Sirover (b. )

                         The 2009 Butterfly Ball   photos  |  PDF
                         Cooper University Health Care
                         U.S.News Health

The   M O O R E   Family

  HENRY CLARK MOORE died age 78 of old age and/or stroke
      married to Charolet La Verne BRADLEY- died age 67   stroke
Bradley Moore, died of old age with PROSTATE CANCER  
    Helen HEALY, her brother died of lung cancer as did two of his daughters

  Warren James Moore - alive   PROSTATE CANCER   (untreated)  
    Jeanne _?_   alive

    Lindsay Constance Moore - alive
    un-named girl - alive

  Josephine "Jo" Moore - died age 55 of BREAST CANCER  
      ? Bennett (1st husband, divorced)
      no ? children

Mary "Mae" Emily Moore
    death from heart attack following Caesarean section a day after child birth from
weak heart condition caused by childhood rheumatic fever
    married to Albert Arthur SCATTERGOOD

Gene, Aunt Jo, & Joan Orton
Spring 1941, Long Island, NY

     PROSTATE CANCER: robotic radical prostatectomy  

    Anna Moore Scattergood aka Anna M. Sidman aka Anna Capelouto

    Dr. Emily D. Scattergood   BREAST CANCER: double mastectomy  

Josephine Moore, died age 87 with emphysema
    Edward ORTON (born 1902 - ?)

  Joan La Verne Moore - alive
    Raymond CARPENTER - (very ill)

    Kim Carpenter - alive
      Steve SMITH
                         Sam Smith - alive
                         Lexi Smith - alive
                         Brett Smith - alive
    Ted Carpenter - alive
      Shirley ___?__
                         Pam Carpenter - alive
    Richard Carpenter - alive
      Jessisa __?__

  Richard "Dick" Orton - alive
      married to _?_
    no children