hanging doll

Hanging Doll, 1960/1961
oil on cotton canvas
(whereabouts unknown)
Copyright © 2003 - Scattergood-Moore

This painting, painted from life, is one of the first that I exhibited publicly. The broken doll was given to me by the young daughter of a friend of mine. From the strong public reactions to this painting I first realized the power that a "simple" painted image could evoke in the viewer. Local newspaper editorials described the painting as "modern" (like in Picasso's blue period!), "sick," and "morbid"; some writers demanded the removal of my painting from the Swain School of Design's Crapo Gallery - while others described the painting as "forceful," "haunting," and "expressive." For me the painting was simply the image of a child's damaged doll hanging from the light string in my kitchen/studio - given to me by the daughter of a woman I loved.


When Storms are Gone
( for Scatt )


warm wish of evening,
i blow out this candle
and think of you.
where you are
evening is
a soft entering,
the infolded
warm wish of fire.
night birds flying,
winging above you,
avove you dreaming,
above you calling
softly to yourself,
whispering to the woods
calling gently
down the path
that you are home.

Caroline (Collins)