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dot 1000 Hours of Drawing (Taylor O)   denmark
    sketchbooks | sketch

dot 1000 JOURNALS PROJECT (Someguy)   denmark

dot 8861 miles   denmark  
    collabration of 2 danish artists, one (Peter) living in Denmark
    and the other living in Australia (Lene) 8861 miles apart...

    Abbott sketchbook
      Chicago, sketchbook, copyright © 2011 Susan Abbott

dot Susan Abbott: A Painter's Year   usa
    • sketchbook
    red dot Travel Sketchbooks

          sketches of "Hans Blix"   © 2009 Sigmund Abeles

        Scattergood, "Just got lost in your sketchbook images,
          I draw almost every night from live TV, usually from
            The Charlie Rose Show and will send you some..."

dot Sigmund Abeles: Homepage   USA   link

              Late Night Self Portrait, conte
              © 2009 Sigmund Abeles

   dot Sigmund Abeles Online Portrait Sketchbook
      sketchbook images: Anderson | Close | Kaufman
   Art is. . . the Permanent Revolution
   • Drawn to the Figure
   • Sigmund Abeles Equestrian Art Gallery
   • Sigmund Abeles' Five-Minute Drawings
   • Draw What You Don't See  |  Stephanie, 2006
   • The Self in Contemportary Self-Portraits
        Portrait of a Parasomniac, 2007
   • Biddington's Art Gallery
   • The Old Print Shop   (more)
   • Cheryl M. Newby Gallery
   An Artist's Eye | YouTube interview
      meet Sigmund Abeles

    Drawing from The Max Drawings © 2012
While his premature baby Max was in the hospital, being kept alive by advanced medical equipment, Abeles drew a series of portraits that became a record of the family's ordeal and eventual triumph. Testimony of a parent's faith in the healing power of art and love. . .
Max Abeles drawings
Preemies  |  The Max drawings


      LSD drawings #1 and #8, © 2012 cowboybooks

"9 drawings done by an artist under the influence of LSD - part of a test conducted by the US government during it's dalliance with psychotomimetic drugs in the late 1950's. The artist was given a dose of LSD 25 and free access to an activity box full of crayons and pencils. His subject is the medico that jabbed him." -


      Josh watching WALL E © 2009 Adebanji Alade

dot Adebanji Alade | tube/train sketches   Nigeria   uk
    • My Passion for Sketching
    • The People I Sketch Everyday
    • flickr: adebanji's photostream

    Mattias Adolfsson
      New Baroque Airplane, © 2011 Mattias Adolfsson

dot Mattias Adolfsson:   Inks blog   Sweden   link
   • • Nine Sketchbooks
        Sketchbook book 4 | book 5
        sketchbook 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9
    moleskine | YouTube | deviantART

     sketchbook page   © 2009   Afriboy (Orokie's Art)

   dot Afriboy | African Male Erotic Art   Kenya   (mature content)
    • Orokie Okoth aka Afriboy
    • Drawngs | Notebooks:
       Orokie's Art: Yellow Moleskine
          Daler3404 Notebook | Daler3405 Notebook
          Black Moleskine | Black Moleskine II
    • Photographs: The Great Rift Vallery
    • Blogger: Orokie Okoth aka Afriboy
    • GayUganda: Uganda

      Prehistoric Rock Art of North Central Tanzania
      Not a sketchbook but an interesting drawing surface!

dot African Rock Art
    • Bradshaw Foundation - Rock Art/Cave Painting
        African Rock Art: Carvings & Paintings
        Rock Art Paintings of Tanzania
    • Flickr: rockart

dot africantapestry aka Ronelle Van Wyk   france   link
    Tokala and Aiyani

      sketchbook study after Delaroix © Javier Aguilar

dot Javier Aguilar Icaza: Aguilaris Imagines   Spain   link

dot A Mosaic Studio Blog by Laura K. Aiken   USA
    Artist's Sketchbooks Onllne  Reciprocal Link

    Elisa alaluusua
      Line Sketchbook untitled 06, © 2012 Elisa Alaluusua

dot Elisa Alaluusua   (about)   Finland
Elisa Alaluusua's "PhD research title is Sketchbooks - 'A Qualitative Analysis of the Creative Strategies Used in Sketchbooks by Novice and Expert Artists'. Her interest is in sketchbooks as objects as well as spaces where artists test their ideas and develop their visual language. For her research she has interviewed artists who keep sketchbooks. She also uses her own drawing as an investigative tool while researching sketchbooks; particularly ones kept by her own student." - London College of Fashion's Forum for Drawing
   sketchbooks   |  drawings  |  video
   • LCF's Forum for Drawing  |  Sandle drawing
   • The Practice Exchange

dot A Janela de Alberti   Portugal
    • 3rd International Urban Sketching Symposium

dot H. Albrecht Sketchbook 1917  

      William Anastasi, subway drawing, © 2012

dot William Anastasi   (b. 1933)   United States
Anastasi's drawings were dictated by the jerks and vibrations of a subway ride. In the late 1970s during monotonous rides on the New York City subway Anastasi "took to a new way of drawing - without looking. With his arms rigid and bent at the elbows, a drawing board in his lap, and a pencil in each hand, Anastasi sat like a robot and allowed the motions of the subway train to take over. His drawings became compilations of lines that are messy records of the train's starts and stops, accelerations and decelerations. His endeavor was art of a new order - a new kind of language - inspired by his friend, music composer John Cage, that employed chance as a method of creating art." - Suzanne Tswei, Star-Bulletin
    • Subway Drawings
    • Artist shares credit with Subway car

dot Arni Anderson   us
    • My Wyeth Sketchbook Pages

      "Mid-day sun and shadows" © Michael Anderson

dot Michael Anderson Studio  |  sketchbook   USA   link
Scattergood, Thanks so much for posting so much art in one incredible spot. Please consider adding a link to my Sketching St. Louis blog to Artists Sketchbooks Online. I am an avid sketcher, illustrator and artist. I have recently been blogging my sketchbook pages as I capture various scenes around St. Louis, MO. I can spend hours browsing the links on ASO and think the site is just great. I have already added a link to ASO on the Blogs page of my website. Links to blog & my website below. Much appreciation, Michael Anderson
Blog: Sketching St. Louis     (Flickr)


dot Alessandro Andreuccetti | Sketchbooks   italy
    Issuu: Drawings | blog | watercolor express  link

dot Chad Andrews: sketchbooks   USA

dotanonymous sketchbook, Mid-19th Century   uk

dot Paul Antonson   USA
    sketchbook series 1   series 2
    Cat Retirement Home (illustration)
    invisibleman | sketchbook

    Rosaire Appel
      Shadow Pages, © 2011 Rosaire Appel

dot Rosaire Appel   USAl
   "I make visual and sometimes verbal books, digital draw-
    ings and I carry a camera, I look around." - Rosaire Appel
   • recent books  |  flickr
   • blogs: Site Rappel  |  Murks-Rappel
   • Facebook  |  Shadow Pages
   • Central Booking Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

dot ARTIST'S SKETCHBOOKS: Online Sketchbooks  

      Samuel Beckett, © 2011 Estate of Avigdor Arikha

dot Avigdor Arikha (1929-2010)   Israel

    For Avigdor Arikha, by Samuel Beckett, 1967

Seige laid again to the impregnable without. Eye and hand
Fevering after the unself. By the hand it unceasingly
Changes the eye unceasingly changed. Back and forth the
Gaze beating against unseeable and unmakeable. Truce for
A space and the marks of what it is to be and be in face of.
Those deep marks to show.
Samuel Beckett, 1967      

    • Samuell Beckett Letters to the Arikhas
    • a poem by Samuel Beckett, 1967


dot Armenian Manuscript   armenia
    • image 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
    National Digital Library of Poland

dot Arnel: Every Picture Tells a Story

    Corchiano Flore
        "WWF Festival 2011" © 2011 Flore Corchiano

dot ARS ET NATURA   (enlarge image)
    • Hokkaido, 13-23 febbraio 2011

dot The ART4Cast - Drawing   link
    Woodrow Wilson Elementary, Granite District, Utah
    Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program

dot The Art Guide Blog: June 2006  |  comments

    Ben Shahn: The Shape of Content

dot   Worldwide Nature Artists Group

dot Artists for Nature Foundation  

dot ArtZone:   profile: scatt68 | blog

        sketchbook image © 2007, Kate Aspinall
      sketchbook, mountain sketch, © 2008, Kate Aspinall
      sketchbook, seated figures, © 2008, Kate Aspinall
      sketchbook, giraffe sketches, © 2009, Kate Aspinall
        sketchbook image, © 2009, Kate Aspinall

dot Kate Aspinall     USA   link   (links)
    • SKETCHBOOKS:   2009  |  2008
    "Sketchbooks are a vital part of my practice, both as brainstorming for larger works and as ends in themselves. I began using sketchbooks in 1996 and have accumulated over 30 of them since that time.

The book and the scroll are two presentation forms that maintain the inherent, tender authenticity of drawing. If drawing is the organization of looking, then these are where organized impressions interact with each other to produce new life. Many of these books are old friends. They are an expression of a private live for drawing. The particular qualities of each book - the paper, the binding, the dimensions - combine with the tenor of my life at the time to imbue them with a personhood that maintains its aura long after a book is filled." - Kate Aspinall
    • Facebook: Kate Aspinall Studio (sadly offline)


    Terry Aston
      sketchbook entry, © 2012, Terry Aston

dot Terry Aston   ie flag
   • Ireland's Classic Car Forum


        sketch © Frank Auerbach

red dot Frank Auerbach London Building Sites, 1952-62   uk
    "Fascinated by the rebuilding of London after the Second World War, Auerbach combed the city's numerous building sites with his sketchbook in hand. Back in his studio he worked and reworked each painting over many months resulting in thickly built up paint surfaces more than an inch."

    • video podcasts - Courtauld Gallery
    • Oxford Street Building Site
    • Podcasts


        sketchbook page © Auria, Belgium

dot Auria   Belgium   sketchbook  

        Elizabett and the Graminoidal Soul 2010
          © 2011 Bill Ayton and Tim Lowly

dot William T. Ayton   UK USA
    dot The Book of Souls (with Tim Lowly)
    dot Sketchbook, Aug. 1998
    • Bill Ayton blogspot
       Souls sketchbook almost done. . .
    • A Silverpoint Drawing a Day |




dot Don Bachardy (b. 1934)   USA
    • Interview with Don Bachardy   (mature content)
    • untitled, from White Crane, Winter #71
    • Christorpher Isherwood's last days
    • Arcana Books | Nicholas Wilder Gallery, 1977
    • White Room - One Day Stands

dot Francis Bacon (1909-1992)   uk

          Two Owls No.2 by Francis Bacon
      photobooth portraits from Bacon's studio
      of Bacon, George Dyer, and Plante


dot Kristyna Baczynski   England
    The Moving Sketchbook | page 2 A Collection of Animations

dot Thibault Balahy   Carnets   france
    sketchbook pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

        Palm Wreath © Jack Balas

dotJack Balas  USA   (mature content)
    • Tattoo Detour 4: Honolulu Drawings 2010
    • Tattoo Detour 3: Honolulu Drawings 2009

dot David Baldwin   canada
Mr. Baldwin: Art and Tech Ed
    • Investigation Workbooks  
    • IB (International Baccalaureate) Visual Arts
       thumbnail sketches | from obsevation

dot Sir Frederick Banting   (1891-1941)   canada
    dot Banting Digital Library

dot Miquel Barceló   spain

dot Fawzan (Zan) Barrage: artEzan   canada
    sketch + book
    sketches | home page
    Cape Breton Island  |  plein air painting

dot Dana Barry: Artist and Model   USA
    Sketchbook enries: portfolio 1   [ 2 ]
    Model Mayhem: model  |  Model Mayhem: artists

dot Antoine Louis Barye   (ca.1795-1875)   france

dot Roy Beckemeyer: Admiralty Bay   USA

    Martin Beek
    January Landspape - Quiet Lane, Ipsden, © 2011 Martin Beek

dot Martin Beek: 2011 sketchbook   UK
   • Ipsden - my sketchbook
   Martin's Sketchbook 2010
   • Thirty Years of Sketchbooks
   Martin's "After" Céanne album
   • Martin Beek's photostream

dot David Bell | Sketchbooks   USA

        sketchbook © 2006 Michael Bell
dot Michael Bell: Visual Journals   USA   (links) link
   dot Visual Journaling  |  student sketchbooks
      Interactive Journaling
      Master Artist's Visual Journals
        • Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)
        • Edvard Munch (1863-1944)
        • Eric Fischl (1948- present)
        • Michael Bell (1971- present)

dot France Belleville drawings   france   USA

       Castle of Louis VI, Senlis, © 2011 K. Benton

dot Kathleen Benton   usa 
    red dot Sketchbooks
      • Prehistoric: Zooplankton
      • Lights in the Distance
dot Saatchi Art     dot Facebook

red dot Water Color Sketchbook by Private Henry Berckhoff

dot BibliOdyssey
    Baskin and Gehenna Press
    French Etchings
      Felix Bracquemond: Le Coq
      Meryon: Le Stryge
    The Dresden Codex
    Van Gpgh Letter Sketches
    The Best of BibliOdyssey
    Speechless: Wordless Books
    Sachsenspiegel: The Saxon Mirror
    Gothic Illuminated Sketchbook

dot D. A. Bickford   USA
    The Sketchbook Project 2012
    ART - The 1st Language 
    "A 'sketch' is: a rough idea; the basic elements; a quick interpretation of something; a quick plan for a possible later product; essential features; a preliminary layout; a quick study; an outline; a workup."

dot 2008 Biennale Carnet de Voyage   france
    La prochaine Biennale du Carnet de voyage, prévue du 14 au 16 novembre 2008, a Polydome, se prépare activement. Plus de 150 auteurs de carnets et écrivains du voyage prendront a nouveau la direction de Clermont-Ferrand.
  La Ville of Clermont-Ferrand (YouTube):
  • Vincent Besancon
  • Geraldine Carcon
  • Claire et Reno Marca
  • Antonia Neyrins
  • Bruno Pilorget

dot carnet afrique du sud septembre 2008   south africa
    Arnaud Bilande: creabook

dot Anna Black: Learn to Draw Right   UK
    "Did you know research has shown that when we do an activity and enter the 'flow' state, the brain releases 'happy hormones'? So if you feel guilty about taking time out to draw - remember you're improving your health and well-being - and that can only be good for you and your family and friends!" - Anna Black: Learn to Draw Right

"I believe the desire to create is in every one of us and we just need to find the right key to unlock it. . ." - Anna Black Licensed Drawing of the Right Side of the Brain teacher

    • Sketching on Location
    Drawing Resources   [popup]   Reciprocal Link
    "It's rare we get a chance to see inside artists' sketchbooks. Occasionally a museum will have one on show - displayed open at one page - so frustratingly you don't get to see the other pages... This site offers a fantastic opportunity to peek into sketchbooks by some great artists: Henry Moore, Edward Burne Jones, John Constable, Edgar Degas, Gericault, W.M Turner, John Singer Sargent, Leonardo da Vinci, Frederick Leighton, Frida Kahlo - plus many books and journals by artists today. The subjects vary enormously from the sheep Henry Moore used to see grazing out of his window, to the studies of draperies and figures by Burne Jones. Frida Kahlo's pages are a riot of colour, Turner's landscape sketches show how he studied value tones for his paintings... There is a wealth of inspiration here and it makes a unique drawing resource. The links take you to sites and sometimes you have to look for a 'page through book' button in order to scroll through the pages. Don't ignore sketchbooks of artists whose names you don't recognise - if you do, you are missing out." - Anna Black on Links to Artists' Sketchbooks Online


    image © 2006 Jan Blencowe

Jan Blencowe: plein air artist   USA
    Pen, Pencil & Paper (blog)
    new sketches | Elephants' Trunk

dot Blue Chocolate Sketchbook

dot Blue Hamster Graphic Designs, The   (Mary Anne) uk

dot Karl Bodmer (1809-1893)   sketchbooks   Switzerland

dot Blurb online books: "sketchbook" search


    Marion Boddy-Evans
     Sketchbook page © 2011 Marion Boddy-Evans

dot Marion Boddy-Evans  UK


    Sketchbooks 1  |  Sketchbooks 2
    • Christian DeFilippo  |  Martha Rich
    • Jenny Volvovski  |  Rob Dunlavey
    • Jim Stoten  |  Iris Schwarz
    • Andrés Sandoval  |  Zeroten
    • Ana Benaroya  |  Iker Ayestaran
    • Elizabeth Huey  |  Chad Kouri
    • Rebecca Rubin  |  Rui Vitorino Santos
    • Reka Kiraly


dot Jana Bouc: Blog | Paintings   USA


dot William Adolphe Bouguereau   france
    Sketchbook, circa 1865-1870


        Louise exposed at Ostend - sketchbook by Bourgeois

dot Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010)  france   USA
    • Album a Desssin, ca 1950-1980 (32 sheets)


dot Xavier Boutin  |  dessins   france   link
   croquis-de-bistrot  |  Barcelone
   Portugal  |  Transes Cévenoles 2007


dot Rebecca Bradley   Sketchbook   USA
    Lilla Rogers International Artists


dot Nuno Branco, sj: Caderno de viagens   Portugal


dot Joao Brandao - Blog   link | esbocos   Portugal


dot Fernando Brazão   Portugal


        Sketchbook by Elise Brewster © pen and ink
        from Drawing the Landscape by Chip Sullivan
        "Quick series of vertical lines around a forest and stream.

dot Elise Brewster: Design Arts     USA
   • Stillhere: Center for Land Use Interpretation
   • Land Use History of Sulphur Creek Watershed

    "A drawing should express the emotion of tactile experience. The artist may mix the media of strongly textured material with drawing . . . Look carefully at the textures of the landscape before you begin to drawing them. Fig. 6-16 Elise Brewster. Landscape in text, from travel sketchbook. in Rendering in Pencil, Arthur Guptial . . ."
Drawing the Landsape, by Chip Sullivan

:"Amherst College's new admission recruiting viewbook contains a handsome, eye-catching frontispiece: a two-page color drawing of the Octagon, Johnson Chapel. "The artist is Elise Brewster '84, a landscape architect who lives in Berkeley and works with scientists who are trying to restore San Francisco Bay. When she was tapped for the project, Brewster was in Rome. A 1997 winner of the prestigious Rome Prize, she was spending a year living and working as a Fellow at the American Academy. Her goal was to deepen her understanding of the classical landscape. She did this by sketching constantly at the Janiculum, the beautiful hilltop on which the Academy is located, and on excursions around the city. By the time she left Rome she had filled 24 sketchbooks with her drawings. 'This is the way I learn a place,' says the former art and English major. . ."





dot Pam Johnson Brickell   USA   link
    Nature Journaling   (rfalconcam)
    South Carolina Low Country Nature Journaling

dot Pedro Brito   link   Portugal
    Sketchbook Links  |  comments
    acerca do sketchCode

dot BRITISH LIBRARY:   Turning the Pages
   • Sultan Baybars Quran Test
   • Elizabeth Blackwell's Herbal
   • William Blake's sketches & poems
   • Golden Haggadah
   • Sketchs by Leonardo
   • Lindisfarne Gospels
   • Vesalius's 16th century anatomy

dot carnet de voyage d'Anne Bronner   france   link Carnets de vayage de Turquie
    Public Sénat, video...

dot Suzanne Buchanan open [sketch]book   USA

dot Fritz Bultman: Actaeon Paintings   USA   (mature content)
    Notebook Page, ca. 1945  |  2  |  3

dot JR Bumgarner: Sketches & Stuff   USA

dot Leigh Bunkin: Finding My Wings   USA
    sketchbook entries

dot Lydia Buruis ~ Zyphryus Sketchbook Work

dot Matt Busch: Sketchbook Intro   USA

dot Edward Burne-Jones   uk

dot Lydia Burris | sketchbook | Zyphryus   USA

dot Tom Burtonwood: sketchbook   uk  USA
    new sketchbook project
    Permutations 1.0 (1st draft)
    Permutations 1.0 (2nd draft)

David Byrne
left: There's A Lot That's Not Real and A Lot That Is (2004, UK) limited edition, David Byrne sketch book
right: Arboretum (2006) a collection of drawings and diagrams mapping the strange corners of Byrne's mental landscape. . .

David Byrne   us
    Arboretum     at
    Arboretum - The Open Critic review
    Arboretum - 22 Bunny Lake



dot Randall C: sketchbook

dot Suzanne (Buchanan) Cabrera   USA

dot cacospectamania's slideshow on Flickr
  . latest photo slideshow
  . Sketchbook pool slideshow
  . moriza's slideshow on Flickr

dot R. Caldecott sketchbook (1883)

dot Bryon Caldwell   uk
    Animopus: Sketchbooks of French Masters

              Sketchbook Larry Calkins © 2011

dot Larry Calkins   uk
   • Facebook: calkinsart  |  sketchbook  |  2
   notice what you notice

dot Richard Camara   PortugalUrban Sketchers  |  Workshops

dot el blog de Gabi Campanario   USA
    • The Seattle Sketcher
    dot Urban Sketchers   Reciprocal Link

dot Mark d Campbell   uk
    Limes for Life   (update)
       A Commemorative Collection of Art

    • MetroWest Daily News review

dot Thomas Canty Sketchbook

dot Simo Capecchi   france 
    in viaggio col taccuino
    pantano collina
    Issuu: two sketchbooks::
      dot Bologna Sketchbook
      dot Napoli Sketchbook

        Draw Me © 2011 Rob Carey

dot Rob Carey: Kunst by Rob    german flag   Reciprocal Link

dot G.W. Carleton: Our Artist in Cuba

    Henri cartier-bresson, drawing 1985
        Tuileries with the Gare d'Orsay in Background
              © Henri Cartier-Bresson

dot Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004)   fr
    "For me, the camera is a sketch book,
      an instrument of intuition and spontaneity.
    • The Artistic Leaning of Cartier-Bresson
    • (Don't) strike a pose
    • Self Portrait in mirror 1984, charcoal
    • Anna, Nu (1998) graphite
    • cityscape from window of C-B's flat, 1985
    • Paysage, Le Grande Banc (1984) Charcoal
    • Pierre Josse (1979) Pencil

    jennifer marie casey sketchbook
      sketchbook drawing © 2012 Jennifer Marie Casey

dot Jennifer Marie Casey | Sketchbooks  us

dot Teri Casper | Flickr photos

dot Jeffrey Cates: Sketchbook pages

dot Cayuse-Nez Percé

    A space in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NYC, focusing on artist's books
    and prints and their integration into the larger art world.

    • artists & works

        Paul Cezanne, Sketch Book II: Male Bathers ca. 1872-1895
        © Philadelphia Museum of Art & corbis images

dot Paul Cezanne   (1839-1906)     france
    • Sketch Book II: Male Bathers
        corbis images: search= 'sketchbook'
        Antique Anatomy Sketchbook
        Sketchbook of Taigado
        Philadelphia Sketchbook
        Philadelphia Sketchbook II
    • Cezanne: Studies of a Child's Head | image

          © 2007 Dover Pub.
dot A Cezanne Sketchbook   (facsimile sketchbook)
    by Paul Cezanne, Dover Publication   cover

dot Marc Chagall   (1887-1985)   Russia France

       Marc Chagall Sketchbook
            Portrait of Bella by Chagall                 Self portrait of Chagall

A deeply personal sketchbook used by Marc Chagall for over twenty years will be one of the highlights of Sotheby's Books and Manuscripts sale in New York on 17 June 2011. The 85-page book contains unpublished drawings in a variety of media, providing a virtual catalogue of Chagall's colorful and moving iconography.
"This remarkably intact sketchbook was used by Marc Chagall from the 1940s to the 1960s, and includes a wide variety of subjects central to his oeuvre. The sketchbook abounds in portraits of Bella and self-portraits of the artist. These include a very beautiful ink-and wash portrait of Bella in a patterned dress with a bowl of fruit. There are two sensitive portrait heads in pencil, one with closed eyes, the other with open eyes surrounded by dark circles; both drawings possibly depict Bella's final illness. Chagall himself appears in several fine self-portraits, in one as a brightly colored satyr with palette and brushes. . . "   Sotheby's New York

dot Atelier Franck Chambrun: daily squetching   france

dot Benjamin Champney

dot Laura Chasman: portraits   USA   *
    My portraits are a visual journal of my life. My subjects are the people that I have encountered as I go about living my life. It is where I have found myself...
    I try to reach beyond a physical description to capture the feeling, poetry, and nuances that convey the special qualities of my subjects.
- Laura Chasman

dot Javier Chavarria (Diaz)   spain
    hojas de Javier Chavarria

    Joan Miro claimed that "since the age of cave
    painting, art has done nothing but degenerate.

dot Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc  france
   • Cave of Forgotten Dreams trailer
   • Art News | History of Art
   • never yet met | New Yorker

dot Judith Cheng: My Sketchbook   USA
    blog: asketchaday-tuxedopark  

        Cougar, sketchbook © Clancy Cherry

dotClancy Cherry's Sketchbook   (b. 1920)   USA

dot Henry Chiu's Sketch Book

        © Nikira Chtypel, Self Portrait

dot Nikira (Irina) Chtypel   USA   Reciprocal Link

dot R. Chunn: alla prima   USA
    Sketchbook Tuesday  Reciprocal Link

dot Geert Clarisse   belgium

      © 2001 tanganyika Wildlife Safari

    dot Carnets de Tanzanie   (facsimile sketchbook)
        Tanzanian Notebook
        by Denis Claveul, Guillemette de Grissac,
        and Philippe de Grissac   [cover]
        Tanganyika Wildlife Safari, Tanzania 2001

      © 2001 Rizzoli

    dot Dreaming of Africa   (facsimile sketchbook)
        by Denis Clavreul   [cover]
        Publisher: Rizzoli, 2001

      "Cheetahs", Dreaming of Africa © 2009 Denis Clavreul
    clavreul zebras
      "Zebras" Dreaming of Africa © 2009 Denis Clavreul

dot Denis Clavreul, Illustrator   france
    Carnets de voyage:
    Dreaming of Africa: Sketches and Watercolors
        bookcover |  maasai
        cheetahs  |  zebras
    Magie d'Afrique
    Port-Cros et Porquerolles
    • Le Luberon. . .
    • . . . de la pointe de las Bretagne

dot Suma CM: Cogito Ergo Suma   USA

dot Doug Cocker: sketchbooks (?)

      Carnet-Afrique © 2012 Patrick Colcomb

dot Icarelle: blog de Patrick Colcomb   FRANCE
   • biennale carnet de voyage
      Liste des auteurs

dot Jorge Colombo     Portugal USA



dot John Constable Sketchbook   (1776-1837)   UK

dot Anna L. Conti: Working Artist's Journal

dot John Copeland (see 'Books")   USA

dot David Colman: blog | sketchbooks   USA
    David's Doodles | deviantART

  entry from "Eighty Portraits," © 2008 - Rev. Jesse Corinella

dot Rev. Jesse Corinella: Sketchbooks   USA *
    Public Restroom  |  The Imagination Plays...
    Chairs in the Arno..  |  The Manchild Aesthetic
    The Maine Vein  | 
    8 oz./Pints  |  Eighty Portraits  |  Sink

dot Susan's (Cornelis) Sketchbook Blog   USA
    Travel Sketchbooks

dot Joseph Cornell   USA

dot Kevin Cornell: Bearskinrug Sketchbook   uk flag

dot Community Sketchbbook *   |   Flickr
sHandke (a group admin) says: Hello fellow artists. I have been creating an online blog, entitled Community Sketchbook where I would like to post pages from all artists' sketchbooks. Eventually, I hope to create an actual sketchbook that is mailed from one artist to the next via "snail mail," and those images will then be posted on the blog. If you like this idea and would like to see your pages of your sketchbook(s) posted to the blog, please join.

    Marco Antonio Costa
      sketchbook, © 2012 Marco Antonio Costa

dot Marco António Costa   PT  
   Sketchbook Therapy   (about)
   • Marco Costa: Art & Design Work
   Facebook  |  Drawing Research Network

dot Peter Coupe: sketchbook (PDF) (?)

dot Christian Couteau: Carnet de croquis   flag
    Aquarelle et voyage

dot Doug Cowan: Illustration & sketch   USA

        Cityscape sketch © 2008 - Justin Cownden

dot Justin Cownden   USA
    Gingerblah: a new sketchbook page

     © Domenic Cretara, Study for Self Portrait charcoal

dot Domenic Cretara homepage, USA
   sketchbook | drawings | demo video
   Gage Academy of Art, Seattle

dot Casey Cripe: Repository of Records   USA   Reciprocal Link
    the et cetera annex

dot crobars: (carnets de voyage, etc.)   flag

dot Henri-Edmond Cross   (1856-1910)   flag

              sketchbook page - R. Crumb

dot Robert (R.Crumb) Crumb   USA
    • Flickr: Crumb sketchbook c.1970
    • Roberta Fallon & Libby Rosof | ArtBlog
        Robert Crumb's Mr. Natural Wonders
        Wite-out forever: R.Crumb's corrections

dot Artur Cruzeiro Seixas   portugal

dot CSA (Carbone Smolan Agancy)   USA



dot Leon Dabo 1868-1960

dot Mike Yoshiaki Daikubara   USA
    Sketch Mike Sketch : issuu   |   lulu

dot Fouad Dakhouch   morocco flag   spain flag

      Rob Dales or Rob Raos Toronto Transit System sketchbook drawing
        sketch, © 2012 Rob Dales

dot Rob Daos (Dales): Sketching on Rails   Canada
   sketches done on the Toronto Transit System

    Jacques-Louis David, Pauline Bonaparte, 1805-06
          © Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University

dot Jacques-Louis David   france

dot Anita Davies: Location Sketches   United Kingdom
    art by anita blogspot  

           © Steph Davies, 2011 Sketchbook
dot Steph Davies - Versions of Truth  |  sketchbooks   USA
   • Kickstarter
   • cat drawings in 2009-10 sketchbook

dot Michael A. De Feo   USA

dot Roger De Muth: sketchbook   USA
    Nantucket Sketch Book     (blurb)
    • Moleskin Sketchbook Drawings

dot de vuelta con el cuaderno   spain   Reciprocal Link
    Spanish translation: "of return with the notebook"

dot deadREBEL Sketchbook

      Ewes standing in shed © 2011 Sarah Deakin

dot Sarah Deakin: Sarah's Sketchbook   uk
    red dot Ewes standing in shed

dot Edgar Degas   (1834-1917)   France

      © 2000 The Getty Museum

dot A Degas Sketchbook   (facsimile sketchbook)
    by Carol Armstrong
    postscript by David Hockney
    J. Paul Getty Museum, 2000

      image © 2007 The J. Paul Getty Museum

dot Edgar G.H. Degas Sketchbook

dot Embellished Skeleton: Edgar Degas   France

dot Eugène Delacroix (1798-1863)   France

          Le Voyage Au Naroc by Eugène Delacroix

dot Les carnets Delacroix   France

      Joe Delaney sketches, © 2012, Ewing Gallery
        The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    life class
dot Joseph "Joe" Delaney   (1904-1991)   USA
      brother of Beauford Delaney (1901-1979)
    • "A Tale of Two Brothers"
    dot Joseph Delaney Sketchbook

      sketch of elephants, © 2008, David G. Derrick Jr.
      ink sketch of lion, © 2008, David G. Derrick Jr.

dot David G. Derrick, Jr.   USA
    African Diaries: Sketches & Observations
    • Sketching In Nature

dot Desenhando idéias  

dot deviantART: sketchbooks

dot Willi Dewin (winfried kamps)  
    • paintings on art

dot Peter Dickison: Artist's Journal  USA
    • blog: sketching about
    • Peter Dickison Online Gallery

dot Dilarp (aka Dilar Pereira)   Portual   Reciprocal Link

dot Diane   (Blog: Dio)  New Zealand   Reciprocal Link

          © Gerald de Dios

dot Gerald de Dios:   Sketch Journal  USA

dot Mark Dixon | Sketchbook  Canada
    • online portfolio

dot Oliver Dominguez  |  sketchbook 2008   USA

dot The Doodlebook

    Joaquin Gonzalez Dorao: Greece Sketchbook © 2009

dot Joaquín González Dorao - Illustrator   spain
    Travel Diaries: Greece (blurb) | Mali | Peru
    Croatia | Ethiopia | Inndochina
    • Issuu   |   Blog  

dot Driven to Draw:   UK
   20th Century Dreawings & Sketchbook from Royal Academy

dot the drumcroon gallery:   UK
    artists' sketchbooks | about sketchbooks
  •Jill McCarthy
  Victoria Crowe
  •Anne-Marie Quinn
"I don't call them sketchbooks,I don't like the word sketch. They are just "my books". I number them and I'm up to No 10. They are collections: - ideas, thoughts, quotes, photos, drawings, images, newspaper cuttings, messy and very personal." - Margaret Jackson
  •Margaret Jackson
  •Matthew Rooby Bat Sketchbook
  •student sketchbooks

dot Marlene Dumas | drawings | bacon
    . The Saatchi Gallery
    . contemporary drawings:   Diaries & Dreams
    . A Sketch in time: Marlene and me

dot J.R. Dunster Portrait Art Shbk

dot Antoine Duplan:   France
    dot les carnets:   tanzanie | france | napal | italie

dot Albrecht Durer   (1471-1528)   Germany
    student of Matthias Grunewald (1470-1528)
Self Portrait in the Nude, 1505
    • Self Portrait as Man of Sorrows, 1522
    • Durer Drawings
    Albrecht Durer: Complete Works
    • Albrecht Durer
    • Art Renewal Center Museum
    • image: Five Male Nudes

        Proportions of the Human Body, 1501-19
        Museum of Books, SLUB Dresden, Gerrmany

    • Proportions of the Human Body, 1501-19
    • image: Proportions of the Human Hand
        Harbour of Antwerp near the Scheldt Gate, 1520
        from Durer's Sketchbook to Netherlands 1520-51
        Albertina Collection, Imperial Palace, Vienna.
        (facsimile sketchbook)

    • Durer's Journey to Netherlands 1520-21
    • Cathedral of Aix La Chapelle. . .
    • View of Heroldsberg

        A Young Girl of Cologne, 1520, Silverpoint
        © Graphische Sammlung Albertina, Vienna
    "This is a leaf from the sketchbook of the trip to the Lowlands. The legend reads: "awff dem rin mein Weib pey poparti" (on the Rhine, my wife at Boppard). Thus the drawing was made on the boat in July 1520. It gives the best (at least the best preserved) picture of Durer's wife in her later years; with her cold protruding eyes and the domineering lines at the corners of her mouth, she does not look particularly lovable. Her juxtaposition with the young girl, whose coiffure is labeled "kolnisch gepend" (Cologne girl's headdress) by the artist, is certainly only accidental here, but is nevertheless not without analogies in the context of the sketches on this journey" -
    • | image

       Caspar Sturm, 1520, Silverpoint, 127 x 189 mm
    "This is a leaf from the sketchbook of the trip to the Lowlands. The legend reads: "1520 Caspar Sturm alt 45 Jor zw ach gemacht" (1520, Caspar Sturm, 45 years old, done at Aix-la-Chapelle [Aachen]). The lighting is peculiar, the landscape is related to the portrait. It is conjectured that the word "toll" indicates a tollhouse. The drawing is mentioned in the journal of the trip to the Lowlands: "Ich hob den Sturm conterfet" (I did a portrait of Sturm)" - Adolph Menzel Museum
    • Adolph Menzel Museum | image




dot Adele Earnshaw Sketchbook

dot Vincent Scotti Eirene: Artist/Activist

    Sergei Eisenstein
        Souvenir D'enfance © 2011

dot Sergei Eisenstein   (1898-1948)   USSR

    dot Eisenstein's Sketchbook, 1914
        Fondation Daniel Langlois
        The Body of the Line
    dot DVD & Video Collection

    Sergei EisensteinIvan Head in Tree by Sergei Eisenstein
      "The tree in from of my window on Kirov
       Street N.75 apt. 2."   October 24, 1944.
       Outline of the head of Ivan the Terrible.

    • Eisenstrein and Ivan the Terrible


        Loopsided (self portrait), copy; 2012, Ea Ejersbo
        Looking a bit lopsided from an infected throat.
        9B graphite pencil in sketchbook journal

        sketchbook page, © 2011 Ea Ejersbo

dot EA's (Ea Ejersbo) Artlog   Denmark  
    • flickR: Kreative  |  Loopsided
member of Urban Sketchers  

      dan eldon journals
        The Journey is The Destination
              The Journals of Dan Eldon

dot Dan Eldon   |  Journals   UK

      Journal Book 3 © 2007

Daniel Robert Eldon (18 September 1970 - 12 July 1993) was an English photojournalist. The son of an American mother and English father, he moved with his parents to Nairobi, Kenya, when he was 7 years old. In 1993, after a botched military raid that left hundreds wounded and dead, angry Somalis attacked journalists who had arrived on the scene to cover the story. Tragically, Dan Eldon and three of his colleagues were beaten and stoned to death on July 12th by an angry mob in Mogadishu, Somalia. He left behind a series of journals, which his family has exhibited on the Internet and on a worldwide tour.
see "Playing" journal, copyright © 2011

Dan Eldon created most of his journals between the ages of 15 and 22, although he created several small notebooks previously. He started his more formal journals in 1985 for a school anthropology trip and an English class. At the same time, he was beginning to travel around Kenya more often and to take more photographs. Filled with ephemera from his young life - newspaper clippings, food labels, call girl cards picked up in London phonebooks, and even grains of rice - the journals are stored at the Los Angeles country Museum of Art. . .
last journal
see "Final Pages" copyright © 2011

Dan Eldon was an artist and photographer who left behind a captivating visual legacy. His art exudes expressions of the untamed, compassionate and creative soul. . .

Artist • Activist • Adventurer
    Browse Dan Eldons Journals
Books 02-05  |  Books 06-08  |  Books 09-12
  Books 13-15  |  Books 16-18  |  Books 19-21
Trap Door by Jennifer New
He gave his heart, and life, to Somalia

dot Rosalind Ellis

        backinthedays (sketchbook page) © Emmanuel

dot Emmanuel (Prost) Blog   french flag

dot Peter Emmerich's Sketchbook   USA
   images: Tree | Bear

dot Michael English Sketchbook   us

dot Stig Evans: sketchbooks >   uk

dot Every Person In New York   us

      © 2007 Evy (Gastrono-Me)

dot Evy/Eefje: Blob[p]: Gastrono-Me   netherlands



      drawing © 2021, Fahmi, Texas USA

dot Fahmi: Sketchbook Magic   usa

    Elizabeth Farnsworth   Elizabeth Farnsworth
      L. Bluefish color pencil © 2012 Elizabeth Farnsworth
      R. Resurrection Plant pen & ink © 2012 E. Farnsworth

    Elizabeth Fransworth Brook, pastel
    Codding Meadow, Royalston pastel, © 2012 E. Farnsworth

dot Elizabeth Farnsworth   (bio)   us
   Conservation biologist and scientific illustrator;
   Senior Research Ecologist, New England Wild Flower Society
   • Mt Holyoke: Artistic experience
   Selected Images & Illustrations (© 2008):
      • Bluefish © (color pencil)
      • Xysticus crab spider © (pen and ink)
      • Doanes Falls, Royalston © (pen and ink)
      • Mangrove landscape © (pen and ink)
      • Sea turtle © (color pencil)
      • Resurrection plant © (pen and ink)
      • Shrimps © (pen and ink)
      • Chipmunk hibernating © (pencil drawing)
      • Moose © (pencil drawing)
      • Codding Meadow, Royalston © (pastel)
      • Ostrich Fern © (photograph)
   Publications with Illustrations:
      • Flora Novae Angliae
      • Peterson Field Guide to Ferns of
        Northeastern and Central North America
(2nd ed.)
      • Fantastic ferns of Pioneer Valley (article)
      • Moose in our mist (article)
   • New England Wild Flower Society
   • The Forest Log: Ecological Reflections

dot Paul Feeley

dot Leslie Fehling: Everyday Artist   USA

dot Bill Fehr: Almost...daily sketches   USA

dot Stan Fellows:k   Sketchbook   USA
    Campmbell Steele Gallery:   S. Fellows

dot Ray Fenwick   Library I   canada
    A collection of 17 artist's books, consisting of drawing and writing, for a show at Katharine Mulherin Gallery, May 2009. While seemingly individual in their ideas and titles, the books in Library I often expand into each other, exchanging words and images. Some characters and pieces continued on in altered form to my book Mascots.
    flickr: Library I

        from: 2001 sketchbook © 2007 by Carlos Ferguson

dot Carlos Ferguson (kinetic sculptor & videographer)
    sketchbooks:   2004 | 2001a | 2001b | 1999
    sketchbooks: 1998a | 1998b | 1997  | 1996


sketches of women

by Isabel Fiadeiro

dot Isabel Fiadeiro: Sketching in Mauritania   Mauritania  
    Pecheurs du Banc d'Arguin - Blog de voyage
    Saharawi women in exhile
    see below: urban sketchers

        sketchbook © Joseph Daniel Fiedler
dot Joseph Fiedler aka scaryjoey   USA
    • Sketchbook  |  Narrative Sketchbook
    Regular Sketchbook  |  SCANDAL Sketchbook
    Maciste Sketchbook  |  Moleskine Facebook  |

dot César Figueiredo   portugal
    • Viseu SketchCrawl  |  Spring Cleaning

      Bob Fisher sketchbook seven
      sketchbook seven © 2012 Bob Fisher

dot Bob Fisher aka   USA
    • Gallery:  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11
    • Resouces (related to sketchbooks, art, creative process...)  
    "I've been keeping books pretty much consistently since I was fourteen - which at this point is more than twenty-five years. I was very fortunate to have had good mentors as a teenager, and was introduced to keeping a daily sketchbook during high school. The practice of keeping one with me wherever I went, integrating these books in to my life, came very easily. . .

. . . I identify with those artists that straddled the line between old and new ways of thinking; principally people who worked in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. From that period I love Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso, and others from the early Modern era. Obviously, there are some heavy visual influences from Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns. Another inspiration worth mentioning is Dan Eldon, the young Reuters photographer who was killed in Somalia back in 1993. His visual journals are amazingly beautiful, and communicate an incredibly vivacious and adventurous spirit."
    • NAEA 2012 National Conference
       "Creating a Culture of Sketchbooks"

        Namibia © 2011 Conetta Flore
    Flore Concetta pineta castelfusano
      "pineta" of Castelporziano, © 2012, Conetta Flore

dot Concetta Flore: Ars et natura   Italy
  • Conci's colours: Namibia
     elephants   elephants II   elephants & rhinos
  • Conci's Colours: sketchbook
  • Sketching in Nature

      from: Nepal Sketchbook © 2007 by Enrique Flores

dot Enrique Flores spain
    • Sketchbooks: dibujos | guatemala
    • Blog: Cuadernos  
    • FlickR fotos | slide show
    • YouTube videos
    • Issuu: 4ojos
    • Travels with a Sketchbook in....


    fabric drawings (detail) © 2007 Rick Fox

dot Rick Fox: fabric drawings   USA
   • artSPACE@16: featured artist
   • Drawings 1994-2007 | Paintings 2007-2008
   • charcoals: Will Toad #2 | Schreber Series #1
   • Youtube: Portraits by Heidi Mandalay
   • YouTube: Beauty Life by Ambrazo Fuierte
   • Dana Hall Art Gallery

dot Jean-Honoré Fragonard   france

      Rooster and hen © Laura Murphy Frankstone

dot Laura Murphy Frankstone: laurelines   USA
    • Sketchbooks: 2007 | 2005-06 | Travels
    • World Travel Sketchbook I | part 2
    • Paris in March I | part 2
    animal sketches | face project

dot Marvin Frankin: An Elegy USA

dot Annie Freud   uk
    "Annie Freud, poet and writer. Her first home was in Maida Vale where she lived with her parents, Lucian and Kitty Freud. Her parents separated in 1952, shortly before the birth of her sister, Annabel. . . Annie lived with her maternal grandparents, Jacob and Kathleen Epstein in term-time, until her mother was remarried to the economist, Wynne Godley in 1955 and they moved to Chelsea. Throughout her childhood, Annie grew up aware of the arts as part of her daily life. . . Her poems have appeared in a number of magazines and web-sites and in 2005, a small collection of her poems was published by Donut Press, under the title: A Void Officer Achieves the Tree Pose. Her next book Best man in the world was published in 2007, followed by a collection of poems, The Mirabelles , in 2010."
    • Moleskine
    • Radio 4 Woman's Hour
    • Poetry Archive

        Francis Bacon 1952, © Lucian Freud

dot Lucian Freud   uk


dot Lin Frye: View from the Oak   USA  



dot Jen Gagne's Journal   USA

dot Gardner's Photographic SketchBook of Civil War
    Cornell Un. Rare & Manuscript Collections

dot Cathy Gatland: a sketch in time   UK

dot David Gascoyne's notebook   south africa

dot Sara M. Gant: Art Ed-ventures   USA   Reciprocal Link

The sketchbook has many names... visual journal, portable laboratory, journal, notebook. Whatever you call it, the purpose also remains both elusive and most definitive. A sketchbook is a place of discovery, experimention, record-keeping, notation, and a place in which learning and growth occurs... The blank page can be both intimidating and exciting. A blank page can induce nervousness and terror, as in "I don't know what to do next!" It can also incite a feeling of new beginnings; an open slate as clean as fresh snow, just waiting for the first mark to be made. - Sara Gant - Northside High School


dot Geraldine Garcon: YouTube   france

        sketchbook page © 2009 Suzie Garner

dot Suzie Garner   USA
    sketchingspirit  |  moleskinerie


        Paul Gauguin sketchbook © 2012

Paul Gauguin (a facsimile sketchbook) - Paul Gauguin, a Sketchbook / Carnet de croquis. Introductory texts in French and English by Cogniat and Rewald. NY, Hammer Galleries, 1962. 3 small 8vo volumes in a single slipcase. A full-color facsimile of a Gauguin sketchbook, including cover printed to resemble the worn exterior of the original.
dot Paul Gauguin (1848-1903)   france

        Paul Gauguin Portfolio © 2012 MET, NY

"After returning to paint in the Breton village of Pont-Aven in summer 1894, Gauguin suddenly found his activity restricted by a fractured leg suffered in a brawl. Thus, instead of standing before an easel, he was forced to spend much of his time seated, creating works on paper, which he must have placed in this hand-made portfolio. He decorated the inside with motifs inspired by his picturesque surrounds and penned a mock-heroic dedication to the local innkeeper on the leather cover, perhaps marking the grand finale to a drunken evening spent with artist cronies whose names are included in the inscriptions." - The MET, NY
    • The Artist's Portfolio, Pont-Aven, 1894

        Géricault: horses © Musée du Louvre
        Géricault: Zurich Sketchbook 1817 © Kunsthaus

dot Théodore Géricault | Sketchbook   france
   • Géricault: La Folie d'un Monde
      folio 1r from The Zurich Sketchbook, 1817/18
      La Ripresa, 1817. Black chalk
      4 studies of Severed Head of a Man, 1818-1820
      La vieille Italienne, 1819-182
   • Horse studies, Musée du Louvre

dot German Sketchbook, Kannenberg 1894

dot Dan Gheno homepage,   USA  
    drawing gallery | links
   The Artistic Anatomy blog

        Sketch © 2009 Laurentiu Ghita

dot Laurentiu Ghita: Daily Sketch Blog  Romania  Reciprocal Link

        Giacometi sketches: 4 figures & 3 heads
    Pope Innocent X
      after Velazquez Pope Innocent X
      pencil on paper, 10.25" x 8.25"
      Collection of Louis Broder, Paris
      from: Giacometti's A Sketchbook of
      Interpreative Drawings
Abrams 1967
      Text by Luigi Carluccio
      (facsimile sketchbook)

dot Alberto Giacometti: Out of Eden   france
    Steve Weiner blog | drawing, women heads
    Google search: "Giacometti + sketchbook"

dot Sanford Robinson Gifford   (1823-1880)   USA

dot Gillian: ketchup-sketchup   USA

    Lake Altus by Laura M Gillia
    "Lake Altus", © 2012, Laura M Gillis

dot Laura M Gillis   US

        sketchbook pages © 2011 Carol Gillot

dot Carol Gillott: Pages from my Sketchbooks   USA

dot Karl Gnass: Spirit of the Pose   USA

dot Justin Gohde  USA UK
    The Necklace Video Trailer  Reciprocal Link
    The Lost Summer

dot Rubén "Chivo: González   Argentina

      Stephan Schreiber's late gothic pattern book
      produced in Urach, South-West Germany in 1494.
      It was dedicated to Count Eberhard of Wurttemberg.

dot Gothic Illuminated Sketchbook   Germany

dot Goya Sketches Spain

    • Goya's private albums | 2

dot Jan van Goyen (1596-1656)   Netherland
      The Sketchbook of Jan van Goyen (facsimile sketchbook)
      Bredius-Kronig Collection © Waanders Printers & Publishers

    The Sketchbook of Jan van Goyen
    Hoogsteder & Hoogsteder | for sale

dot Greg blog  |  St. George's Art Department   flag   Reciprocal Link
    Art Gallery 2008  |  IB Sketchbook

    Jazz Green Antarctica sketchbook
        Antarctica sketchbook © 2012, Jazz Green

dot Jazz Green   uk flag
    Artist Journal >> sketchbook  |  sketch+book
    cold comfort (25 drawings)

dot Danny Gregory   USA
    ...The Private Sketchbooks of Artists...
    Yahoo! Group: Everyday Matters
    . photo albums
    . member: Danny Obadiah
    . member: pantherprousa   photos
    Everyday Matters on Vimeo

dot Grendel: Devil's Sketchbook

dot Ocar Grillo's Carillomation   UK
    Dostoyevsky''s Sketchbook, 2006 | Part 2
    November 2007 [Faces | Rembrandt's Mirror

dot Grimm's Northumberland Sketchbooks   UK

dot Groseil & Fruits (blog)  france

dot Véronique Groseil: Carnet 001 | Carnet 077
    Carnet 100| 107 | 124 | 126| 134 | 135 | 137
    Carnet 139 > Automne | 148 > Mexique

dot Jamie Williams Grossman: Hudson Valley Painter
    • Maine Sketchbook

    image © 2007 Harvard University Art Museums

dot George Grosz   Germany USA

dot Juan José Pérez Guerrero: Diario dibujando   spain
    Dibujo y Pintura

      Self Portrait, © Stephen J. Guild 2008
dot Stephen Guild: Sketchbook   uk  
    sjguild - '

      Un bison de la grotte d'Altamira
      image © 2007 Pascal Guillerm

Pascal Guillerm: Le carton a dessin   flag
    (Re)découverte du finistere | 10 juin 2008
    Verdun 2006 | Voyages en Préhistoire
    quelques liens   Reciprocal Link

            animal head study, © 2011 James Gurney
    "A while ago I went to a farm to get some practice sketching sheep and chickens. I was off to a good start with some head studies, but the animals got restless. They ran off before I could draw their bodies. Here's what my sketchbook page looked like." - James Gurney

dot James Gurney   USA
    • sketchbook (blog)
Baa-Mann and His Chcks
        Sheep Head and Rosters



      images above © 2013 Helen Hallows

dot Helen Hallows   |   Days of the Week   uk
   • Website
" Sue Bulmer is featuring me on her blog as part of her continuing series, 'Sketchbook Peeks'. It's been one of my plans for this year to get back in to keeping sketchbooks and visual notebooks. Recent purchases of Hockney's 'Sketchbook of Yorkshire' and Orla Kiely's 'Pattern' have inspired me. The process of editing and simplification that an image goes through as it moves from what I see, through my hands to what I draw gives me space to compose the image ready to work on it in the studio."   Sketchbook Peeks


dot Elizabeth Haines: sketchbook | 2 | 3   uk
  • Sketchbook from the Somme 2004


          image © 2003 Sightings, Catherine Hamilton
          image © Monkey (drawing), Catherine Hamilton
          © 2012 Costa Rica sketchbook, Catherine Hamilton

dot Catherine Hamilton   |   Birdspot - the sketchblog
   • Installation of Blog Project, 2005     [page 2]
   dot monkey drawings:
      • 06-2008 (1st sitting)
      • 06-18-2008  |  2nd siting (9"x12")
      • 06-05-2008
      • 07-21-2008
      • 03-09-2009 Monkeyes
   • Costa Rica Sketchbook   (trips)
      Notes from Kricher's A Neotropical Companion
      sketches of birds
   • Red-bellied Wooddpecker
   • mydogoscar sightings 2003 archive"
   Catherine Hamilton sightings 2003
"This website is an ongoing, year-long project to keep an illustrated journal and species list from my wanderings in Rhode Island and New England, with a few forays to other locations. It is heavily weighted towards bird-watching, but my interests in natural history are varied, and the occasional plant/amphibiary/insect/mammal will make an appearance..."


dot Shawna Handke   USA
    dot Community Sketchbook   Reciprocal Link

    Agnes den Hartogh
        Kenia sketches © 2011 Agnes den Hartogh

dot Agnes den Hartogh   (over)   Netherlands
   Sketchbooks:     (slideshow)
  • Berlin
  Cuba illustrations
  • Azoren/Acores
  • Madrid
  • Cambodia

   Fogg Museum
   Busch-Reisinger Museum
   Arthur M. Sackler Museum

  Under Cover: Artists' Sketchbooks:   (press)
"an exhibition (organized by Miriam Stewart) of over 70 sketchbooks and 45 drawings that were originally part of sketchbooks from the Fogg collection of nearly 150 sketchbooks. Intact sketchbooks include those by Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Jacques-Louis David, Sanford Gifford, Edward Burne-Jones, John Singer Sargent, Henri-Edmond Cross, Reginald Marsh, George Grosz, and Christopher Wilmarth. Also on view will be drawings that were removed from sketchbooks by John Constable, Paul Cézanne, Henry Moore, and Brice Marden . . .

Artists have used sketchbooks for centuries, entrusting travel sketches, figure studies, compositional ideas, and notes of every kind to their pages. Designed to be easily portable, sketchbooks are often kept in artists' pockets and documenting an unusually personal view of the artist at work. The drawings and notes in these sketchbooks vary from nature and figure studies, to travel sketches, copies after old masters, expense accounts, and lists of pictures. Some sketchbooks are self-conscious and conceived as a whole, with every page signed, while others are more spontaneous and filled with a random assortment of hastily drawn sketches and doodles.

Notable Works in the exhibition include: Jean-Honoré Fragonard's Sketchbook from the First Italian Period (c. 1756-61), Jacques-Louis David's two sketchbooks for The Coronation of Napoleon (1805-6), George Grosz's Sketchbook: Manhattan Skyline and Mice (1950-51), and a selection of sketchbooks by Edward Burne-Jones, Sanford Gifford, and John Singer Sargent. Also featured are exceptional "orphans," drawings formerly part of sketchbooks, including Jan van Goyen's Three Studies of a Cow and Landscape with Cottages and Figures (c. 1650), John Constable's Warwick from Priory Park (1809), Edouard Manet's Study for "Interior at Arcachon" (1871), Paul Cézanne's Corner of the Studio and Portrait of a Man (Emile Zola?) (c. 1877-84), Brice Marden's Untitled Work Book Drawings (1983-84), Henry Moore's Ideas for Sculpture (1940), and several pages from a disbound sketchbook by David Smith, including studies for sculptures Pillar of Sunday, The Billiard Player, and Home of the Welder (1945)."
Fogg Art Museum (Aug 1 to Oct 22, 2006)

"I should recommend... keeping... a small memorandum-book in the breast-pocket, with its well-cut sheathed pencil, ready for notes on passing opportunities: but never being without this." - John Ruskin, The Elements of Drawing, 1857
    undercover artists sketchbooks
dot Under Cover: Artists' Sketchbooks: (website)
  dot Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones  |  sketchbook
  dot Benjamin Champney  |  sketchbook
  dot Henri-Edmond Cross  |  sketchbook
  dot Jacques-Louis David  |  sketchbook
  dot Paul Feeley  |  sketchbook
  dot Jean-Honoré Fragonard  |  sketchbook
  dot Sanford Robinson Gifford  |  sketchbook
  dot George Grosz  |  sketchbook
  dot Frederic Leighton  |  sketchbook
  dot John Singer Sargent  |  sketchbook

 dot UNDER COVER: Artists' Sketchbooks (
   • Edward Burne-Jones, Drapery
   • Henri-Edmond Cross, Hilly Landscape
   • Jan J. von Goyen, 3 Cows
   • Jan J. von Goyen, Landscape
   • George Grosz, Dead Mouse
   • Henry Moore, 3 Standing Figures
   • John Singer Sargent
   • David Smith, Study for Pillar of Sunday

dot Palmer Hayden: New York & Paris Skbk, 1929

dot Hell in a kis(s)   Reciprocal Link

    Helen West Heller banner
    helena s barnhart
      Helena S. Barnhart, illuminated book, 1898

  American Earth 1935, woodcut triptych, Helen West Heller

dot Helen West Heller  (1872-1955)   usa
   dot List of Helen West Heller's artwork
   • A Brief and Toxic Acquaintance

dot John Hendrix's Portfolio   usa

    Robert Henri sketchbook spain, MET
      Robert Henri, Sketchbook, Spain © 2012 MET

dot Robert Henri: Sketchbook, Spain 1906   usa

dot Juan Herrera   Argentina flag   (Dibujo | blog)
    Anatomia Artistica

Hannah Hinchman, A Life In Hand
A Life In Hand
by Hannah Hinchman
Hannah Ninchman, cat snoozing
"A room without a couple of cats would be a deadly room. Cats produce soothing brain-waves, in much the same way that plants give off oxygen." © Hannah Hinchman

dot Hannah Hinchman artist/naturalist   USA flag
    Morning Earth  |  Artist/Naturalists


      sketchbook: Waynesboro, VA © 2011 Frank Hobbs

dot Frank Hobbs homepage   drawings   usa   Reciprocal Link
   Blog: Embellished Skeleton   Reciprocal Link
   • Blog: Studio Excavations   Reciprocal Link
     Sketchbook Excavations
   Goggle+ Frank Hobbs: Sketchbooks
      Frank Hobb's Albums:
      • Artists: Avigdor Arikha
      • Brush & Ink Wash Drawings
      • Modern & Contemporary Drawings
"I have kept sketchbooks ever since I can remember. . . To sketch or draw is, for me, a practice of mindfulness, of being present with where I am and what's there. To draw is to honor the particularity of the moment, to oppose generality, to focus the looking and seeing. It has taken me too many years to understand that mundanity doesn't exist. Every moment is unique and pregnant with potential. Finding an interesting subject is more a matter of changing attitudes than it is changing places."
Frank Hobbs: Sketchbook Excavations


          sketchbook drawing © David Hockney

dot David Hockney, England. b. 1937   England usa
      Martha's Vineyard Skbk © 2012 David Hockney
    Martha's Vineyard - 3rd Sketchbook - Summer 1982
        by David Hockney (Abrams Facsimile Sketchbook Series)
        Publisher: Harry N Abrams, New York 1985
    • sketchbook images
    • Making a Mark
    • Austin Kleon: posts tagged 'David Hockney'
    • David Hockney's secred knowledge
        NY Times article
    • Guardian: David Hockny sketches
            15 Sketchbooks © 2009 David Hockney
    red dot 15 Sketchbooks DVD   (3 pages- $39.95)
        Ashtray on Studio Floor, 2002 2002
          Sketchbook Iceland/London/Yorkshire
          July-August 2002, © 2011 David Hockney

    red dot slideshow: Iceland, London, Yorkshire
    Sketchbook London/Bruges © 2002 David Hockney
    red dot slideshow: London / Bruges, June 2002
            David Hockney iPhone Painting
    David Hockney: iPhone Drawngs
    David Hockney's iPhone Passion
        scatterplot  |  iPhone Paintings  |  image

"Hockney, who has carried small notebooks in his pockets since his student days, along with pencils, crayons, pastel sticks, ink pens, and watercolor bottles--and smudged clean-up rags--is used to working small, but he delights in the simplicity of this new medium:
It's always there in my pocket, there's no thrashing about, scrambling for the right color. One can set to work immediately, there's this wonderful impromptu quality, this freshness, to the activity; and when it's over, best of all, there's no mess, no clean-up. You just turn off the machine. Or, even better, you hit Send, and your little cohort of friends around the world gets to experience a similar immediacy. There's something, finally, very intimate about the whole process.
"David Hockney's iPhone Passion"
Lawrence Weshler talks to Hockney
New York Review of Books

Yorkshire Sketchbook: In recent years David Hockney has returned to England to paint the East Yorkshire landscape remembered from his youth. Although his passionate interest in new technology has led him to develop a virtuoso drawing technique on an iPad, he has also been accompanied outdoors by the traditional sketchbook, an invaluable tool as he works quickly to capture the changing light and fleeting effects of the weather. Executed in watercolour and ink, these panoramic scenes have the spatial complexity of finished paintings - the broad sweep of sky or road, the patchwork tapestry of land - yet convey the immediacy of Hockney's impressions. And as in the views down village streets and across kitchen tables that appear alongside them, his rooted and fond knowledge of the Yorkshire Wolds is always clear. If you know the landscape there, the character of the sketches is unmistakable: if you don't, it will come to life in these pages.
£ 14.95, 92 pages, 14.5 x 21cm, 43 illustrations.


dot Maryanna Hoggatt   USA

    Page from Katsushika Hokusai sketchbook

dot Hokusai Web Blog   (1760-1849)   Japan
    • Hokusai: Ippitsu gafu
        aka "Drawings in a Single Stroke of the Brush"
    • The Influence of Japanese Art
    • Katsushika Hokusai: The Hokusai Sketchbooks
        Ando Hiroshige: Landscpae
    • Japanese woodcuts by Hokusai

    Self-portrait at the Age of Eighty-three
    Ink on paper. Drawn on a letter.
    Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde, Leiden

"From the age of six I had a mania for drawing the shapes of things. When I was fifty I had published a universe of designs. but all I have done before the the age of seventy is not worth bothering with. At seventy five I'll have learned something of the pattern of nature, of animals, of plants, of trees, birds, fish and insects. When I am eighty you will see real progress. At ninety I shall have cut my way deeply into the mystery of life itself. At a hundred I shall be a marvelous artist. At a hundred and ten everything I create; a dot, a line, will jump to life as never before. To all of you who are going to live as long as I do, I promise to keep my word. I am writing this in my old age. I used to call myself Hokosai, but today I sign my self 'The Old Man Mad About Drawing.'" - Hokusai Katsushika, The Drawings of Hokusai

dot Phillip G Holt: Phil's Sketches   USA

            Villard de Honnecourt sketchbook,
            Salisbury Cathedral, circa 1230

dot Villard de Honnecourt (13th-century)   France
    Pages from sketchbook
    Carnet (Villard de Honnecourt)

    Edward Hooper sketchbook
    Office in a Small City (1953) Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper (1882-1967)   USA

            Cape Cod Morning, Edward Hopper
            © 2011 Tate Modern, London
    "Hopper kept meticulous records in journals over a lifetime of his paintings, making careful drawings of each work before it left the studio. These were then annotated by his wife, Josephine Nivison Hopper, who added title, date of completion, description, sale price and buyer, and often a quirkily personal aside." - Tate Modern
    dot Tate Modern: Hopper Sketchbook
    dot Edward Hopper's Sketchbook
    • Edward Hopper House Tour: Gloucester, MA

    Cave of Hands
        Cave of Hands, Rio Pinturas, Argentina
    Leonardo da Vinci
        Leonardo da Vinci, Study of Hand
    Van Gogh - sketchbook study of hands
        Vincent van Gogh, drawing of two hands
    Henry Moore
        Henry Moore, hands from sketchbook

    dot A Slide Show of Hands . . .

dot William B. Hoyt: Italian Sketchbook

dot Gordon Home: Winchester sketchbook (1914)

dot Steve Huston Slide Presentation   USA
    Colman blog:   Steve Huston sketchbook page



        Nude Male Figure Study from Ingre's Sketchbook
        photo image © Geoffrey Clements/CORBIS

dot Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres   (1780-1867)   France
    • Nude Female Figure, Sketchbook of Ingres
    • Nude Male Figure, Sketchbook of Ingres

    scattergood-moore Cheri and Seri
    Cheri & Sheri © 2012 Scattergood-Moore
    1981 sketchbook by Theresa Ann Aleshire
      © 2012 Theresa Ann Aleshire Williams

    • Group: Mailart 365
    • Group: Sketchbook Drawings
        • created by Scattergood-Moore
           1975 notes: Rollo May lecture
           Sketchbook entry: Cheir & Sheri
        • Sarah Churchill
           mouse and mushrooms
           frog on lily pad
        • Frieder Speck
           slide show
        • Theresa Ann Aleshire Williams
           3/30/81 sketchbook: Van Gogh letter
           3/30/81 sketchbook: Expressions

dot     Reciprocal Link   iterasi (media monitoring)   Reciprocal Link

dot Ralph Ivy's Sketchbook



dot Charles Emile Jacque

dot Jafabrit's Art: Robin Redbreast

            animated sketchbook, © 2011 Janejira
dot Janejira   USA  
    Janejira Gifts from
"Janejira has a great passion for sketching architecture and monuments during her travels. Many people take photos, while she prefers to sketch, because it is her way of connecting with the subject matter at a deeper level. Rapid sketching exercises force our eye to pin point the most vital and essential features. . . These are pieces excerpted from her sketchbooks. While some sketches took over an hour to execute, most were done as quickly as seven minutes."

dot Edgar Jansen (drawings)   Netherlands

dot Rudilf Alfred Jaumann (1859-1923)   Germany

    James Jean Sketchbook
            sketchbook, © 2011 James Jean
dot James Jean     USA   (mature content)
    James Jean Sketch
    2009 Mole sketchbook  |  sketchbook: 2008 Linen
    sketchbook 2007  |  2001
    Blog: ProcessRecess: Sketches + Links  [post]
    James Jean at time for a teabreak

dot Candy Jernigan
    . Evidence: The Art of Candy Hernigan
      review | Amazon Online Reader | GRACE'sEFFECT

            sketch © 2008 - Candy Jernigan
"In 1980, as I set out on my first trip to Europe, I decided to make a book that would contain any and all physical proof that I had been there: ticket stubs, postcards, restaurant receipts, airplane and bus and railroad ephemera. On successive trips, these collections grew to include food smears, hotel keys, found litter, local news, pop tops, rocks, weather notations, leaves, bags of dirt - anything that would add information about a moment or a place, so that the viewer could make a new picture from the remnants. Objects emerged for me as 'icons' for particular cities and these objects became the material for EVIDENCE." - Candy Jernigan


dot Jester's Sketchbook  

        sketchbook drawing © 2011 Yu Ji

dot Yu Ji     China   USA
   dot sketchbook | drawings | life drawings
"Yu Ji, also known as Ji Hongyu had his undergraduate study in drawing and painting at Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China (1977-81). He came to the United States in 1983 and studied at State University of New York College at New Paltz, where he earned his MFA degrees in painting/drawing (1986) and in printmaking (1989). . . Yu Ji's artwork has been recognized for its elaborate compositions based on observational sketchbook studies and for pictorial interpretations of figurative form in space." - Yu Ji Studio
      Under the LA Bridge drawing © 2011 Yu Ji
   dot Under the LA Bridge, charcoal
   • Schomburg Gallery
   • Lora Schlesinger Gallery | bio
   • Clews Center: Artists' Residencies
   • California State Un. Long Beach
   • exhibition: "Urban Isolation"
   • Portrait of Sir James Mirrlees
   • Gage Adademy of Art, Seattle

dot Kristen Johansen | sketchbook   USA

dot Nina Johnansson | sketchbook   sweden
    Sketchbooks @
    • Patterned book, Nov 2008
    • West side sorory, Mar-Nov 2008

dot Jasper Johns: Writings, Sketchbook Notes USA

dot Cathy (Kate) Johnson | blog   USA  Reciprocal Link
    journal sketches

dot Dovid Jones: sketchbooks   UK

dot Marvin Jordana: sketchbook 1   2   England

dot Andrea Joseph's Sketchblog   England   Reciprocal Link

dot Joseph's Art   USA   Reciprocal Link







dot = highly recommended links;
    mainly of facsimile sketchbooks.

Reciprocal Link or "*" = reciprocal links



    An Intimate Self-Portrait   (facsimile sketchbook)
    by Frida Kahlo, Intro by Carlos Fuentes
    published by Harry Abrams

dot Frida Kahlo   (1907-1954)   Mexico México

      Frida Kahlo sketchbook © Harry Abrams

    dot Diary of Frida Kahlo | slide show
    dot Il diario di Frida Kahlo
    dot Frida Kahlo: il diario
    dot Krida Kahlo diary image 1 | 2 | 3

        Long Sketchbook © 2009 Stéphane Kardos
dot Stéphane Kardos   france   usa
    Stef's Sketches: sketchbook
    long sketchbook: London to Los Angeles
    • The Wait Is Over

dot Kate: Sketchbook Declarations   USA  (mature content)

      "Rooftops" (travel sketches) © Amanda Kavanaha

dot Amanda Kavanagh: Craftmonkeys  USA
   sketchbook I | sketchbook II
   Travel Sketches | iPhone sketches

      colored pencil on tinted sketchbook
      © 2009 Audrey Kawasaki - press to enlarge

dot Audrey Kawasaki: homepage  USA   (mature content)
    Ektapia: sketchbook | live journal
    i-seldom-do: journal
    Sketchbook Declarations
      sketchbook cover | sketchbook page 1

      1998-2000 sketchbook © Jonathan Keegan   enlarge left
      Burlinton VT, East Africa, Brooklyn, Latvia   enlarge right

dot Jonathan Keegan   us flag
    1998-2000 | 2000-2002 | 2002-2004
    8/2004-8/2005 | 9/2005-2/2006 | 8/2004-2/2006

dot W.M. Keesey: Cambridge Skbk (1913?)   UK

dot Claire Kennedy blog | website   USA   Reciprocal Link


      Egyptian Sketchbook © 2011 William Kentrige

    "As part of its policy in favour of contemporary art, the Louvre has invited the South African artist William Kentridge to intervene with a specific project around the theme of ancient Egypt. . . Parallel to the artist's monographic exhibition - currently showing at the Jeu de Paume, Carnets d'Egypte in the Denon wing of the Louvre - consists in a new set of drawings, collages, and books by William Kentridge alongside etchings, albums and drawings (belonging to the graphic arts department of the Louvre) by artists of the XVI to the XIX century, from Dupéarc to Delacroix, from Poussin to Le Brun and Crapelet - who during their travels recorded the pyramids, archaeological ruins, explorers, and different transformations from the cat to the lion." - David Krupt Publishing
dot William Kentridge (b. 1955)  
    Egyptian Sketchbook

      untitled (drawing for Black Box/Chambre Noire), 2005
      © William Kentridge, photo: John Hodgkiss

    • Black Box/Chambre Noire
    • Anything Is Possible | PBS video (53 min)

dot Susan Kemenyffy: sketchbooks   USA

dot Duane Keiser: Painting a Day | homepage   USA

        Dubai Sketchbook © Kinan Khatib, McGill Un. thesis
dot Kinan Khatib Sketchbook   Seria UAE canada
    Desert Retreat - Dubai sketchbook  |  2

        A Book by Anselm Kieffer © 1988, MFA

dot Anselm Kiefer    german flag
    A Book by Anselm Kieffer   (facsimile sketchbook)
    by Anselm Keiffer
    Boston: Museum of Fine Arts + George Braziller, 1988

dot Artsy Kira | archive   USA

dot Ivo Kircheis  |  Sketchbook Blog    german flag

      Kirchner sketchbook © 2011 Museum of Modern Art

dot Kirchner and the Berlin Street    german flag

dot Sean Kisby | European Sketches   uk flag

        1975 R.B. Kitaj, pastell & charcoal

    My Cat and Her Husband 1977, © 2012 RB Kitaj

dot Ronald B Kitaj (1932-2007)   USA
    "When he was very young, Ronald Kitaj ran away to sea. He joined the SS Corona bound for Cuba and Mexico, a fresh-faced Cleveland boy who carried his sketchbooks with him and knew, already, that art was all he wanted to do. And as he travelled, he drew. . . " The Economist
    • The Artchive
    • In Our Time
    • My Cat and Her Husband 1977, pastel & charcoal on paper
    • The Independent - Obituaries
    • A Day Book by Robert Creeley. Plates by R. B. Kitaj

      Exactitude Winged by Intuition (1923) Paul Klee

dot Paul Klee (1879-1940)   (bioswiss
    Pedagogical Sketchbook, 1925 (pdf file)

         sketchbook: Potala Palace © Leejay Kline

dot Lee Kline   USA
    Flicker: sektchrboy's photosream
    lee kiln
      [Homage to Hannah Hinchman © Lee Kline]
"I came across her book by accident. It is called "A Life In Hand." She opened my eyes to what my sketchbook/journals could be. These are my first scratchings along those lines." Lee Kline
Homage to Hannnah Hinchman
    • Lake County, FL
    • A Walk in France
    • Some Sketches of China

    Sketchbooks: Selections from the Kohler Art Library
    February 18 - May 19, 2008
    picasso sketchbook carnet catalan
      image from Picasso, "Carnet Catalan"

One can almost see the hand of an artist by looking at a sketchbook. Artists use sketchbooks to quickly capture a fleeting moment depicted in a scene, face, impression, interior view, animal, rambling thought (doodle), or general idea. Sketchbooks come in all sizes, but for the most part they are portable and accompany the artist to local sites or faraway places. Facsimiles have been published to reproduce the exact sketchbook and/or pages of the sketchbook used by the artist. Smudges, rips, stains, and stray marks are all reproduced to match the original artifact. The art library has a growing collection of these facsimiles, such as the sketchbooks of Picasso, Renoir, Cezanne, Paul Klee, and Le Corbusier, among others. Contemporary book artists such as Henrik Drescher and Susan Bee incorporate a sketchbook-like quality in their work with splashes of dazzling color and playful line drawings. All of the sketchbooks on display show work that is "in the moment" and unrehearsed. They are fresh, vibrant, and great fun to view! This exhibit is a corollary to the "Workbooks" exhibit currently on display in Memorial Library, Special Collections.

dot Cynthia Korzkewa's Sketchbooks

dot Bob Krikac: sketchbooks   USA

dot Aaron Krolikowski: Interview-Press   USA
    Sketch book reporter | Philly Profile

dot Justin Kunz Sketchbook   USA

dot Rock Kyndl - Creative Pursuits   Reciprocal Link



dot Henriques Lagoa, b. 1923   portugal

dot Mrs. Laird's Art Class   USA   Reciprocal Link

        © 2009 Christopher Lambert

dot Christopher Lambert   UK
    "Eighteen months before his 70th birthday, Christopher Lambert drew a blue line across the map of Europe. Seventy one walking days and over 1000 miles later, with a small rucksack, the most important contents of which were a water bottle and a spare pair of socks, he arrived in Rome. In his pocket he carried a sketch-book and some coloured pencils. The book he subsequently published, Taking a line for a walk, faithfully reproduces the the journal he kept." -
    • some pages from the journal
    • BBC Radio: The Pilgrim
    • landscape sketch

dot Mary Lane: Art in Nature Journaling   USA   Reciprocal Link
    Artists for Nature Foundation

dot les calepins de lapin  
    Issuu: n.88 page 1 or 176
    Sketchbook mania
    MySpace: lapin
    Pa-le site: lapin: ny recto | ny verso

dot Dane Larsen

dot LASCAUX: visit to the cave   france
    Not a sketchbook but one of the first surfaces for drawing!
    Grands sites archéologiques

dot Le Corbusier (1887-1965)   swiss

dot LEARN TO DRAW   link

dot Rico Lebrun     USA
    "Those who have nothing to say gossip and those who can not draw sketch. A sketch is just up from a doodle. If every mark counts, it is a drawing no matter how short a time spent on it." - Rico Lebrun
    • Lebrun's guides for Disney's "Bambi"
    "At the start of Disney's production of Bambi, Rico Lebrun . . . was employed to help teach the studio's artists to learn how to draw animals. He created some intense classes where animators concentrated on the anatomy of deer and other animals. The story goes that Lebrun went so far as to cut open a deer's corpse and slowly peel away parts of the animal for drawing and study. Over days, as the smell grew more putrid, fewer and fewer people attended." - Michael Sporn
        • Skeleton Action of the Deer
        • Frog Leaps

dot Alan Lee: The Lord of the Rings Skbk

dot Katie Lee botanical/zoological art   USA

dot Frederic Leighton   (1830-1896) 

      Anatomy of a Male Nude, Leonard da Vinci

dot Leonard da Vinci   (1452-1519)  
    dot 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12
        13|14|15|16|17|18|19 …
    dot da Vinci: Man & Inventor
    dot Leonardo's Sketchbook | broadband
    This notebook is known today as the Codex Arundel. It is not
    a bound volume, but was put together after da Vinci's death
    from his loose papers. . .

    • Leonardo's Notebooks

dotYann Lesacher  |  carnets de voyage  

      Carlo Levi, Portrait of Mussolini & other fascist leaders

dot Carlo Levi   (1902-1975)   IT
"Levi was born to wealthy Jewish physician Ercole Levi and Annetta Treves... He studied medicine and graduated from the University of Turin in 1924. He did not practise medicine, choosing instead to become a painter and to pursue his political interests. In 1929, along with Carlo and Nello Rosselli he founded an anti-fascist movement called Giustizia e Liberta... His anti-fascist activities resulted in his exile (1935-36) to the remote province of Lucania. His experiences there are described in his novel 'Cristo si e fermato a Eboli' (1945), which reflects the visual sensitivity of a painter and the compassionate objectivity of a doctor... After World War II, Carlo Levi continued to write and paint..."
Mussolini & other fascist leaders
Carlo Levi and Roma
Fondazione Carlo Levi
              Carlo Levi, Autoritratto, 1945  >
              olio su tela, cm 42 x 34
Carlo Levi: Il Prezzo della Liberta
Francesco Rosi - Cristo si e fernato a Eboli

Beginning of Christ Stopped at Eboli
Directed by Francesco Rosi (1979)
Starring Gian Maria Volonte & Irene Papas
dot dot Music by Piero Piccioni dot

"Many years have gone by, years of war and of what men call History. Buffeted here and there at random I have not been able to return to my peasants as i promised when I left them, and I do not know when, if ever, I can keep my promise. But closed in one room, in a world apart, I am glad to travel in my memory to that other world, hedged in by custom and sorrow, cut off from History and the State, eternally patient, to that land without comport or solace, where the peasant lives out his motionless civilization on barren ground in remote poverty, and in the presence of death." - beginning of the book, Christ Stopped at Eboli

dot Shirley Levine: Paper and Threads   USA

dot H.B. "Buck" Lewis  |  sketches: Wheels   USA

dot Clayton Lewis |  sketches   USA

dot William Lewis Sketchbook Pages   USA

dot Bruce Lieberman: paintings   USA

dot Justin Life   USA flag   Reciprocal Link
    • Sketchbook Drawings  |  Drawings

dot Huseyin Avni Lifij  |  sketches   (1886-1927)   Turkey

dot Hyun woo Lim   MAXER: sketch   USA

        Self Portrait © 2009 Marcelo G. Lima
dot Marcelo Guimarães Lima   Brazil flag   Reciprocal Link
      Dubai Sketchbook | Taubate Sketchbook
    • Marcelo Guimarães Lima   links   Reciprocal Link
    • Intro to Drawing and Painting
    • Panoptikon: on Contemporary Visual Culture   UAE flag
        American University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
        Editor: Dr. Marcelo Guimarães Lima
    Drawing Research Network  |  links   Reciprocal Link
Le cadavre exquis boira   (the image) "...The initial drawing can be downloaded and modified... Here the image can be worked as print, as digital file, artworks can be scanned, photographed, etc, etc. The idea of the (surrealist) game is to add parts sequentially, but internet time is also simultaneous..."

dot Politically Incorrect Art of Martin Lindsay

dot studio André Lissonger   brazil   Reciprocal Link
    architecture & urbanism

dot Valerie Littlewood  

dot LIVROS DE ARTISTA (José Tomás Féria)   Portugal


    Robert Lohman sketchbook 1970-75 © 2012

dot Robert Lohman (1919-2001)   USA
    dot1970-75 sketchbook
    • 1967 sketchbook
    • 1976-78 sketchook
    • 2 sketchbooks (cira1967-1970s)

Look At Book
Look at Book © 2012

For thirty-six weeks, a sketchbook was sent in random order between four artists: two in Brooklyn, two in Belfast. Every Wednesday, one participant would receive the book. The following Monday it was sent out, giving each artist 5 days to complete a spread in response to the one that preceded it. A small portion of each entry extends on to the following page. beyond this, there was not communication between the artists concerning the content of the book during its making. The books first trip across the Atlantic was on 2 June, 2003. Its final trip was on 2 February, 2004. By the time it was completed, book had travelled over sixty thousand miles.

dot look at book  :  About the Book

dot José Louro: a janela de Alberti   portugal

    Stephan Tramer © 2011 Tim Lowly

dot Tim Lowly   (links)   USA  Reciprocal Link
    dot The Book of Souls (with Bill Ayton)
    • Book of Souls Gallery
    • Stephan Tramer | Angel (after RVR)
    • 1st drawing of Temma | Man in Genoa Train Station
    • Flickr: tim o's photostream | tondo tondo tondo

dot Dalton de Luca   brazil   Reciprocal Link

dot Luff: Rodrigo's sketchbook   Australia

      Bear, Bronx Park, May 8, 1905
      © 2012 Addison Gallery of Amercian Art

dot George B. Luks (1867-1933)   USA

Luks was a leading member of New York's Ashcan School and an important American Realist. "According to his friend and fellow artist Everett Shinn, George B. Luks drew incessantly. If his sketchbook wasn't handy, he would draw on all types of surfaces, whether it be a scrap of paper, a tablecloth, or a napkin; as Shinn put it, he 'chuckled as he worked, winked and drew an audience about his flying pencil point.' . . . An artist who loved to draw, Luks began sketching as a young boy and he continued to do so as a teenager, making drawings of the customers who patronized the drugstore where he worked." - Carol Lowrey for Spanierman Gallery

"Where the worlds of fine art and illustration overlapped for the Ashcan artists was in the concept of the sketch. (Robert) 'Henri, from his fine-art background, had picked up on the independent importance of the sketch,' says Zurier (Rebecca Zurier, the author of Picturing the City: Urban Vision and the Ashcan School, University of California Press) California). 'He learned that the sketch reveals something authentic about the artist, that it's less worked over than elaborate art, and that there's innate value in that. The other artists were simultaneously learning the value of the sketch from their work at newspapers, where they had to work quickly. . .'" Beyond Drawing Basics
  George Luks Studies in the Bronx Zoo Lioness
George B. Luks, Studies in the Bronx Zoo, 1904

    Addison Gallery of American Art
    George B. Luks: Bronx Park, May 8, 1904:
      33 Drawings of Animals in the Bronx Zoo

      Addison Gallery of American Art 1990.
        • Bear, Bronx Park May 8 1904
        • Bear + Cub, Bronx Park May 8, 1904
        • Bear, Bronx Park May 8, 1904
    Sketches nd, Addison Gallery of Am. Art
    Figure Study, Paris, 1900-10
Self-portrait, 1893, graphite
    George B. Luks on artnet

dot sketchbook entries by Fred Lynch   USA
    Drawing Virterbo Blog   Reciprocal Link
    Montserrat College of Art Summer Program in Italy
    Journalistic Drawing in Italy

dot Mike Lynch: My Sketchbook   USA



    JM's world war one sketchbook
              © 2004 University of Victoria Libraries

dot JM's World War One Sketchbooks   Canada

    Charles Renni MacintoshItalian sketchbook
      © 2011, The Glasgow School of Art, Northern Italian Sketchbook

dot Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928)   UK
    • Northern Italian Sketchbook

dot Earl MacPherson Pinups

dot Adena Macri   USA
    Images with Personality  |  Sketchbook

                    MAILART 365

    • Learn How to Sketch
    • Sketchbooks Online
    • Sketchbooks Online 1 (Smithsonian)
    • da Vinci drawings and notebooks
    • Hockney and Shirley sharing sketchbooks
    • John Singer Sargent - the works
    • Van Gogh: More About Drawing

dot Mark Marcello (Marcello design)   USA   Reciprocal Link

      top: Self Portrait, Sketchbook 1916
      bottom: Cannone camuffato, Sketchbook, 1917

André Mare (1885-1932)   france
    Art of The First World War
        Self Portrait
        The Zillebecke Trench, Sanctuary Woods
    Elm at Vermezeele (sketchbook)
    Autoportrait André Mare, 1914
    JC Bourdais: André Mare

dot Maria: Musing of an Art Student   USA   Reciprocal Link
    "Sketchbooks are an integral part of the creative process. . . They're a private notebook for sketches, ideas for projects, rough drafts, and much more. Everyone approaches sketchbook differently, depending on their style of art and personal preference. I've had several so far, but my current one is my favorite. It's a small, black bound book that is easy to carry anywhere, and best of all it isn't gimmicky, like some sketchbooks with pencils and whatnot on the cover. The pages are a creamy white, and thick enough for paint. . . The most important aspect of keeping a sketchbook is not being intimidated by it. There's no reason to have it be perfect. Unlike the art you make to sell or for a grade, your sketchbook never has to be shown to anyone. It's like a diary, and you're free to make mistakes, scribble, and anything else you want to do. " - Maria

dot Matthew Marks Gallery: Artists' Sketchbooks
    Artist sketchbooks included in the exhibition are by:
   • Louise Bourgeois
   • Jasper Johns
   • Ellsworth Kelly
   • Ad Reinhardt
   • Cy Twombly
   • Andy Warhol
    . . . and: Carl Andre, Frank Auerbach, Richmond Burton, Francesco Clemente, John Chamberlain, Lucian Freud, Philip Guston, Gary Hume, Brice Marden, Jackson Pollock, Gerhard Richter, Robert Ryman, Julian Schnabel, Richard Serra, David Smith, Myron Stout, Lawrence Weiner, Terry Winters.

dot Jeffrey Marshall: Post-Katrina sketchbook   USA
   dotThe New Orleans Drawing Project

dot Conrad Martens Sketchbooks I and III   UK
    dot Sketching with Darwin on the Beagle

dot James Martin, sketchbook   UK
    old sketchbook page

dot Benedict Masson | 2 | 3   (1819-1893)   France

dot Véronique Massenot: L'atelier secret   france   Reciprocal Link
        Singapore | Intimate Asia | Portraits
    Cornelie's Corner

dot Henri Matisse   (França. 1869-1954)   France

    © Norbert Wolf, Prestel - press to enlarge

dot Henri Matisse: Erotic Sketchbook No. 7
    by Nobert Wolf, Prestel, 2007   [cover]
    Prestel Erotic Sketchbook Series:   (mature content)
    • Salvador Dalí
    • Edgar Degas
    • Gustav Klimt
    • Kokoschka
    • Amedeo Modigliani
    • Picasso erotic sketches
    • Rembrandt erotic sketches
    • Auguste Rodin
    • Egon Schiele

dot Matt's Sketchbook

dot Le blog a dessin de Francois Matton


dot David McCamant's Sketchbook


      sketchbook animation, © 2011 Susanm McCaslin

dot Susan McCaslin   sketchbook   USA


      Cape Ann Cathedral Rocks, © 2014 James Lancel McElhinney
      Stonehenge © 2014, James Lancel McElhinney
      Mulroy Bay from Leatbeg, Ireland, © 2014, James L. MeElhinney
      Joshua Tree, © 2014, James Lancel McElhinney
      John Burrough's Grave, © 2014, James Lancel McElhunney
            images above used with permission of the artist

dot James Lancel McElhinney   (blog)   USA
   • About  |  Facebook
   Selected Sketchbooks:
   • Europe
   • Hudson Valley
   • Shawangunks
   • Southwest
   • New York State
   • Costal
   Field Books: 06.22.07 to 11.25.07
   Field Books: December 2007 to April 2008
   Oral History Interviews:
   dot Podcast: Sigmund Abeles (mp3)

    "My starting point is always the practice of interrogative drawing, which I regard as how visual ideas are put into writing. I am neither a generalist, nor a specialist in any one field of endeavor. Making art, teaching, writing, conducting oral history interviews, historical interpretation, are all processes in dialogue with one another which singly and collectively provide insight and meaning to human experience."


      © 2008 Carol McMahon (press image to enlarge)

dot Carol E. McMahon   BOOKS   slideshow   USA   Reciprocal Link
    not really sketchbooks, but artistic books worth viewing!

dot Rafael T. Melendez: sketchbook USA   Reciprocal Link
    Let Forever be Delayed   QT movie (6MB)

dot Robert Mellin, School of Architecture, McGill Un   Canada
     ARCH 303: Fall 2009 Links:
      • inside the designer's sketchbook
      Sketchbook 1992 (freehand drawing)   [pdf]
      • Anne Meredith Barry Journels   [pdf]
      Steven Holl Project sketches   [pdf]
      • S. Holl: Drawing from Life   [pdf]
      • Moleskine by Emma on Behance

      • Aislin's Tanzanian Sketchbook   [pdf]
      • 'sketchbook' search at McGill sites

    Jonas Mekas

"Poet and hero of the American counter-culture, Jonas Mekas, born in Lithuania in 1922, invented the diary form of film-making. Walden (Diaries, Notes and Sketches, 1969), his first completed diary film, an epic portrait of the New York avant-garde art scene of the 60s, is also a groundbreaking work of personal cinema." -

dot Jonas Mekas diary   USA
    Quicktime (mp4) introduction
    Pieces | The Frist 40
        365 Day Project | art & installations
    YouTube: Walden
        Notes on the Circus
        Tim's Place
        Walden: Diaries, Notes & Sketches
        Walden: Reel 1 (of 6)     Reel 2 artists   mekas

dot MerMuse Sketchbook

dot Mes dessigns et créations
    sketchbook I | II | III | IV | V | Italie

dot Le Dessin du Jour de Christophe Meyer   france
    Carnet de Croquis CDLC #5

dot MICA: Journals, Sketchbooks & Visual Diaries
    • Maryland Institute College of Art: resources   Reciprocal Link

    Chris Miller life drawing
        life drawing, © 2012 Chris Miller

dot Chris Miller   USA
   • sketchbook
   • This Old Palette
      The Palette and Chisel Modernists

      Park by the Bay © 2009 Wes Modes

dot Wes Modes Art Sketchbooks   usa
   dot Times Square : A True Story by Howard Zinn



        . . . more artists online

    Sketchbook Project Library

dot Diane Moline: One Red Chair Reciprocal Link

      Claude Monet, Drawing for Luncheon on the Grass

dot Claude Monet: Sketchbooks 
    • Drawing for Luncheon on the Grass
    dot Monet sketchbooks, Musee Marmottan Monet, Paris

dot Henry Moore   (1898-1986)   UK

    Henry Moore: Shelter Sketchbook, © British Museum
      Hardcover book available at

      Study for 'Tube Shelter Perspective' 1940-41
      from Henry Moore's Second Shelter Sketchbook
      © 2011 the Henry Moore Foundation

    • Study for 'Tube Shelter Perspective' 1940-41
    • Elephant Skull portfolio
    • Sharaff-Sze Collection | catalog
      Two figures sharing same green blanket, 1945
      ahwlrwe sketchbook drawing
    • Shelter Sketchbook Portfolio, 1967

      © 1980 Thames & Hudson
    Henry Moore's Sheep Sketchbook   (facsimile sketchbook)
    by by Henry Moore & Kenneth Clark
    Published by London: Thames & Hudson, 1980
    Purchase at
    image 1 | 2 | 3 | photo | cover
    Nicholas Shoare: video

        Ewe and Lamb, © Henry Moore Foundation
    ". . . Then I began to realise that underneath all that wool was a body, which moved in its own way, and that each sheep had its individual character." - Henry Moore

    • Henry Moore Foundation
      red dot Sheep Sketchbook
    "In 1972, when the packing and crating for a major exhibition made it impossible for him to work in his sculpture studios, Henry Moore retreated to a small studio (in Much Hadham) that looks out on a sheep meadow. Over the course of several months, as sheep were suckled and sheared, Moore produced this delightful flock of sketches and drawings... (He) presented the sketchbook to his daughter, Mary..."
    "I remember always, that drawing was the activity that gave me more pleasure. I remember in elementary school, the lesson design used to be on Friday afternoon in the last half hour, when the teacher was already tired and happy to go end-to-week. I loved it, not be the end of the week, but because it was a drawing class. Later, when I knew I wanted to be a sculptor, I noticed that all admired sculptors who were great designers: Michelangelo, Bernini, Rodin. The design itself is a part of learning: learning to use their eyes to see more intensely. When it encourages people to draw is not to become artists, as it does not teach grammar to transform all of Shakespeares." - Henry Moore's Sheep Sketchbook, Thames & Hudson, London, 1980 (excerpt)
    red dot Asaa da Criatividade: Henry Moore
    • sketchbook page: two sheep
    • Uttlesford: Henry Moore Sheep
    • Sarah Deakin uk Sketchbook
    • Anna T (USA): See. Be. Draw
    • James Gurney (USA) Jounal: Baa-Man...
    • Basement Shelter 2nd Shelter Sketchbook 1940-41
    • Two Reclining Figures, Sketchbook 1961-62
    • The Artist's Hands, Red Notebook 1969-77
            Many of the drawings of the artist's hands in this sketch-
            book were based on carbon tracings of photographs...

    dot Henry Moore: Sketchbook 1929, Edition C
Facsimile Sketchbook West Wind Relief, Edition C, with catalog. Signed and numbered in an edition of 250 by the artist in pencil. Contains 66 illustrations of drawings. Exhibited in New York at the Alex Rosenberg Gallery, "The New Work by Henry Moore," April 27-June 30, 1983. Catalogue with text by the artist. Facsimile sketchbook size: 8.85 x 6.89" (23 x 18cm). Printed in 1979/80 by Daniel Jacomet & Cie, Paris.

    dot Henry Moore Sketchbook, 1980 (facsimile sketchbook)
Much Hadham: Raymond Spencer Company Limited, 1985. (Limited Artist's Edition), signed and numbered by the artist. The Facsimile sketchbook is housed in a Solander box with a vellum spine, sides covered with a Richard de Bas handmade paper

dot Richard C. Moore: Travel Sketches

dot Lesa Moriarity   (links)   ca
    • Web Based Art Work
      • Tally Sheet Drawing Series
      dot Tally Sheet Drawing Album
    dot Through The Sketchbook   (more)

      © 2012 Mortis Queen, sketchbook entry

dot Mortis Queen     us   links
    • reciprocal link

dot Manuel Musilli Sketchbook



dot Ellis Nadler's Sketchbook   UK

        estelar - journal1 © 2011 Yoda Navarrete

dot Yoda Navarrete 
    • If I were a cat - journal 24
    • gato plojo - journall 14
    • <bluebird - journal 17
    • Lady Orlando - on about me
    • Raimila on deviant ART

      Italian sketchbook, Cass Nevada
       Italian sketchbook, © 2011 Cass Nevada

dot Cass Nevada: sketchbooks   us
    blog   |   Facebook   |   Flickr

dot José Neves   portugal

dot Antonia Neyrins (bio)   France
    • Gallery de carnets de voyage d'antonio neyrins
    • les carnets de voyage d'Antonio Neyrins

dot Mary Newcomb   (1922-2008)   UK
    Mary Newbomb "keeps not a sketchbook but a notebook or diary. She fills it with handwritten thoughts and observations that often find their way into the work verbatim. 'Be sure to put it down,' she writes in one diary entry, 'be it squirrel in a woodpile, men with white-toed boots working on a mountain railway, caterpillars hanging stiffly and staring from a laurel bush, the magnitude of the stars - there is no end.'" - Gerry Cordon


      Small fluffy animal skulls © 2009 by Marck Nicoll

dot Marck Nicoll | DeviantArt     UK

        "Maasai" © 2012 Alison Nicholls

dot Alison Nicholls   Wildlife and Conservation Artist   USA
    dot blog: sketching in the bush
    • SafariTalk: Conservation Sketching
    • The African People & Wildlife Fund
    • Drawing up Community
    • Artists for Conservation
       Alison Nicholls


dot Tom van der Noordt     links Reciprocal Link     Netherland
           Rubens + Velazquez, sketchbook © 2009, Tom van der Noordt
           This image is used with permission of the artist.

    • Old Mastery Sketchbook   new page  
           Tulips, flora sketchbook © 2013, Tom van der Noordt
           This image is used with permission of the artist.

    • Sketchbook: flora  
    • Notebook   (under construction)


dot notamaz's artits's book  | NotABook  | blog   Italy


   selected Notebook Addicts of the Week:
   • Artists Sketchbooks Online 
   • Catherine Hamilton


          Hare © 2011 Kim Rae Nugent
          for February Sketchbook Challenge

Kim Rae Nugent | RAEvn's Nest     usa
    February Sketchbook Challenge



dot Julie Oakley: Julie's Pictures   UK
    A Family Portrait  |  One Mile From Home

dot Observed Closely (Jan)   usa  
    dot (Jan) vimeo: Sketchbook/Road Trip 2008

         subway drawing, © 2012 Ajani Oloye

dot Ajani Oloye: NYC Subsketch   usa
    see other Subway Artist Links:
    • Gerri Davis' Flickr
    • Cara Lynn Kleid  |  blog
    • Cully Long: A Child of Atom
    • Ami Plasse  |  Subway Sketch Blog

    Ooh La Lapin wolf sketch
            Wolf Sketch © 2012 Ooh La Lapin

dot Ooh La Lapin   UK
    Sketchbook gallery, call for submissions! | Strong Island

dot Orokie Okoth aka Afriboy   Kenya   (mature content)   Reciprocal Link
    Born in Lake Victoria, Uganda.




      © 2005 Thames & Hudson

dot The Sketchbook of 1824   (facsimile sketchbook)
    by Samuel Palmer   [cover]
    Commentary by Martin Butlin
    Thames & Hudson/William Blake Trust, 2005 $26.40
    Review: Giornale Nuovo
    page from 1824-25 sketchbook
    lambLamb   © William Blake Trust

    Lynn PalmiterJr
      The Boys Napping, © 2012, Lynn Palmiter, Jr.

dot Lynn Palmiter, Jr.   USA
    The Boys Napping  |  source
    IUOMA: Cat-Lovers Group

dot Paper and Threads (Shirley)   USA
    sketchbook search
    Need Inspiration?  
    Flickr: EveryDay Matters

dot Lee Parrish gallery
    • Sketch artist pictures  

    sketchbook     impala
    Tanzanian Sketchbook - © 2007 Roberta Paul - "Impala"

dot Roberta Paul   USA   Reciprocal Link
    dot Tanzanian Sketchbook | Flash ANIMATION | filmstrip
    dot Watch Me Move . . .   |   portfolio

dot pfelep: expo Kubick exhibition in Yau Ma Tei hong kong

dot Charles Willson Peale: Hudson River Skbk   USA

dot Pavel Peck: dessinateur   france  

dot Marco de Mel Pedersen: de Mel   Denmark  Reciprocal Link

dot Steven Penberthy (sketchbooks)  
   • Van Gogh's Blog

dot Dilar Pereira: 1001 Journals   Portual  Reciprocal Link
   • Grupo do Risco | Saatchi Online
   • Daily Collage Project | 30 Travel Collages


      "I believe that humanity is on the road to abolishing
      the mistreatment of animals,but when it finally makes
      it into legislation, there will not be any animals left
      in the wild to protect." [Prof. Jordi Sabater Pi (1922-2009)

dot Dr. Jordi Sabater Pi - Naturalista   (2)   spain

    • BibliOdyssey: Sabater Pi
    • Documentation Centre Sabater Pi Collection
    • Wikipedia
    • Ed descobridor de Floquet de Neu
    • YouTube: Dr. Jordi Sabater PI

      Pablo Picasso sketchbook, 1960

dot Pablo Picasso   (1881-1973)   spain
    • sketchbook drawing of nude woman (see above image)
    • Early Picasso sketchbook
    • Paris theft of $11m Picasso sketchbook
        Picasso's sketchbook stolen in Paris
      The sketchbooks of Piasso
    • The Sketchbooks of Picasso
        edited by Arnold Glimcher and Marc Glimcher
        The Atlantic Monthly Press
    dot On-Line Picasso Project

dot Joao Pinheiro   brazil

dot Venantius J Pinto: sketchbook   USA
    Flickr: venantius' photosets

      Black Sketchbook Series © 2009 Marco Pires

dot Marco Pires (b. 1977)  
    "The Black Sketchbooks series consists of small pages taken from moleskin notebooks, on which fragments of maps are printed and then worked on with various materials, from writing implements to oil stains, re-drawing each document in a game of tensions and erasures, an exercise of displaced intentions which separated themselves from reality. Project, hesitation, error, direction and drift all combine into an autonomous language that competes with the topology on the maps from which it emerges, pointing towards a referential and spatial repositioning. The pages are then photographed and large-format prints are made." - Marco Pires

        (l) Apes 1430s, Silverpoint, Musée du Louvre, Paris
        (r) 2 Hanged Men 1430s. Metalpoint + pen on paper, British Museum

dot Pisanello (aka Antonio Pisono)   Italy
    Drawings by Pisanello
    • Apes (from the artist's sketchbook)
    • Study of Head of Horse | Study of Horse Heads
    • Hanged Men + 2 Potraits | enlarged image
    • Nude Men and St Peter
    • Three Cows | Horses | Wild Boar
    • Study of Cat Heads
        Cats in Medieval + Renaissance Art
        Medieval Bestiary: Cat Gallery

dot Eddie Pittman   USA

      Subway drawing, © 2012 Amitai Plasse

dot Ami Plasse | Ami Underground   united states
    Urban Sketchers: NYC subway   Reciprocal Link   Flickr

dot PMBC: Bonecos de Bolso   portugal   Reciprocal Link

dot Jason Polan | 100 People  united states

dot Jonathan Polkest website   united kingdom
    LOMO.HOMES: jaypolkest
    SKETCHBOOKS are found under "public files":
    • sketchclub  |  sketchup
    • lyvergoth  |  isles of scilly
    • pinhole camera making

        © 2004 Jim Pollack - Sketchbook entry: 11.05.01

"I usually carry a sketchbook and a small watercolor set with me at all times. Most of the sketchbooks are 4 inches by 6 inches in size and easily fit in my pocket. The media most often used is watercolor, ink and pencil. My typical ink instrument is a Rotring 600 fountain pen. The Rotring cartridge ink is watersoluable and I carry a Niji waterbrush to make the ink washes with the Rotring cartridge ink. I also sometimes use Walnut ink which is also watersoluable and suitable for washes. My watercolor kit is a Koi Water Colors Pocket Field Sketch Box which also easily fits into another pocket along with number 8 and 4 Daniel Smith Platinum Synthetic Travel Brushes. I carry water in a small pill container or if I need a little more water than they hold a 4 oz plastic gerber juice jar (for babies). My pockets are full, but I can walk down the street and no one can tell that I am carrying a portable art studio. The sketches were all done on location or as the French say, En Plein Air." - Jim Pollock

dot Jim Pollock Art USA       united states
    Pollock's Sketchbooks   Reciprocal Link
      sketchbook (En Plein Air ) 10/25-11/14 2004
    • U.S. Army Vietnam Combat Art
    • Artists of the Black Hills: Jim Pollack

dot Jonathan Pomroy | sketchbooks   uk

dot POSEMANIACS (poses for nude drawing)

Beatriz x porter nature studies
Study of death Thrush by Beatrix Potter
Dead Birds

dot Beatrix Potter   (1886-1943)   UK
      "Beatrix Potter was born in England and is known today for her illustrated books, especially those with Peter Rabbit. From childhood, she was an avid student of Nature. She drew and painted all the animals she could find, and loved painting mushrooms. Potter filled many sketchbooks and kept a journal all her life. As a child, she drew and painted from life, but usually in her room, where she brought creatures she and her brother had collected.
      Beatrix Potter became widely respected throughout England as an expert on fungi (a mycologist) and lichens, although she was denied opportunities to present her studies to the British Royal Society, exclusively male. Beatrix made discoveries about lichens that endure today." - Morning Earth
        Beatriz Porter, nature studies in watercolor

    Morning Earth: Artists/Naturalists
"I like to draw whatever is right in front of me when I'm sitting near water or beneath trees. I don't really see until I begin to draw. Drawing helps me understand what I'm seeing. It seems to untie knots of confusion within my mind as I work.
Watercolor pencils are my favorite for outdoor drawing.
I like drawing the stuff that gets left behind after something has gone through a great change--shells, seed pods, bones, snakeskins, cicada shells. I consider these things treasures.
Human faces are interesting to me; they mirror the whole world. They contain mountains and oceans, flowers and storms. I draw and paint and sculpt faces. " -Kelly Finnerty - Morning Earth.
Kelly Finnerty an Artist/Naturalist.

An Artist/Naturalist is a person whose intelligence and sense of self is embedded in Nature, and who expresses that deep connection through making art. The Artist/Naturalists on Morning Earth pages include poets, painters, sculptors, writers. . . whose connection to Earth is profound. As can be seen from cave-paintings, Artist/Naturalists go back to human beginnings, for the arts have always been religious in their essence. Praise and celebration of life are root motives for making. Both art-making and the natural Earth are central to an Artist/Naturalist. They are the complements of the yin yang that completes the whole.

dot Daniel Potvin   canada

dot Pascal Poulain: 201169 le blog de Pascal   fr

dot Ujwala Prabhu   Sri Lanka

      © 2007 George Pratt

"I carry a sketchbook wherever I go. I'll use whatever is at hand - paper bags, hotel notepads, scraps - but usually I have a small leatherbound book, a brand which, unfortunately, is no longer made. When I heard that they were discontinuing them I bought a pile of them to tide me over... It looks like a bible more than anything else, and it fits neatly in my coat pocket. The paper inside is either antique white, or buff colored... and has a wonderful laid texture that will accept just about anything that lands on it - pen, charcoal, spit, you name it.
The books have traveled with me all over the world, kept me company in places where I was a total outsider, couldn't speak the language. But the language of line was always there, and it bridged the barriers like nothing else could..."

dot George Pratt | artblog   united states
    Spanierman Gallery: sketchbook
    Sketchbooks:    Brittany  |  9/11

dot Hugo Pratt   (1927-1995) )   italy

    Prendergast sketchbook
      Spanierman Gallery, © 2012, Prendergast sketchbook

dot Maurice Prendergast   (1859-1924)   USA

      sketchbook © 2011 William College
      © 1960 - MFA, Boston & Harvard Un. Press
    dot Water-Color Sketchbook 1899   (facsimile sketchbook)
    dot Prendergast: Spanierman Gallery
        view the full sketchbook
    • Spanierman Gallery: sketchbooks


dot Gareth PriceWorld Sketches   ( Bio)   united kingsom

dot Ernesto Pujazon: sketchbooks   peru Malaysia



dot Anthony Quinn: Antsketchblog   austraila



    Sketchbook of Rakel

dot Viswaprasad Raju: long drawn   india

dot Manuel J. Ramos   Portugal
    dot lscte   []

dot Alanna Randall: Painted Cat   USA

dot Stephen H. Randall   USA
    US Army Combat Artist Team VII, Vietnam. 1968.

      "Ganges Departing the Himalayas" 12" x 16"
        © 2011 David Rankin

dot David Rankin   (bio)   USA
    Facebook: Sacred India journal
    Wild India Watercolors

dot Joad Rebolo (b. 1956. Architect)   Portugal

dot Lisa Reed, How I See It   USA

dot Lloyd Frederic Rees (1895-1988)   Australia

dot Robert Reynolds   USA
    Drawings "...for over 35 years I have carried the same
    box of pencils and a drawing book everywhere i go..."

      Orlando Ribeiro, A blacksmith and his assistant . . .
      Portuguese Guinea, 1947 © Suzanne Daveau

dot Orlando Ribeiro (1911-1997)   Portugal
        A blacksmith and his assistant . . . 1947

        sketch artist pictures
        sketch of René Ricard, © 2011 by Scattergood-Moore
          • MyOpera: portrait of Rene Ricard
          • the fastidious Rene Ricard's reckless past
          • Cheim & Read gallery, NYC
          • MySpace: Rene Ricard Publications
          • video: Oil Kills Poets Spill


        Travel Sketchbook, Hambury, 1982 © Bill Rice
dot Bill Rice: Travel Sketchbook   USA
   drawing: body

        image © 2009, Charles Ritchie
        Journal Study 2009-11-24 3am
        Book 133, Study for Studio Interior with Charts
        watercolor, graphite, and pen and ink, 4" x 6"

dot Charles Ritchie   [sketchbooks]   USA
The journals of Charles Ritchie have been created continuously since 1977 and record the artist's direct response to his subjects. The images and notes often provide insight into the creation of a work or lay groundwork for new drawings and prints. Since 1992 the books have been handmade and are sewn and bound by Virginia Ritchie, the artist's wife.
    Book 120 | Book 81 | Book 39 | New Work
    Journal: An online notebook updated
        Memory | Intuition and Intersection
    • BravinLee programs
    • SUNY Brockport: Artists' Sketchbooks
    • Gallery Joe, Philadelphia, PA   [Flickr]
    • Suburban Journals Un of Richmond Museum

      Lizard and frog, sketchbbok Sardinia, Italy
      roller ball pen. watercolor
      sketchbook © 2011 Albrecht Rissler

dot Albrecht Rissler  
    dot Sketchbook
    • Drawing Landscape  
    • Sketching Artists
    • Rissler Art of Animals
        Heron and Rhesus monkeys 2011
        Cows at Bartow farm near Wembury 1994
        Fish onto my plate
        Lizard and frog, sketchbbok Sardinia, Italy
    • Albrecht Rissler mailart

dot Ira Robbins: Sketch for the Day   USA
   Sketch of Dan Gheno

        sketchbook © 2009 Amanda-Sue Rope
dot komatsu: Amanda-Sue Rope  (sketchbook)   UK
    homepage | sketchbook 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

dot Claudia Rose: Time Passages (blog)   german flag
    Flickr:   moleskin | sketchbook 2007 | sketchbook 2008

dot Julia Rothman
    • Book by it's Cover | sketchbooks:
        Matt Leines
       Julie Morstad
       Luke Ramsey
       Camilla Engman

dot Tim Rowlandson's Sketch | Blog

      Scott Altmann
, © 2007 Arkady Roytman

dot Arkady Roytman   USA   Reciprocal Link
    the blog: Moleskine   continued...  
    • Moleskine 2.0 | Moleskine 3.0 | Moleskine 4.0
    • Moleskine 2007 - a year in review
    • Watercolor Moleskine Part 1
    • Nude of the Day:   sketchbook

dot Nicholas Rubatino   USA
    • sketchbook 2011

dot Croquis sur le vif de Frederic Rudant   france   Reciprocal Link

dot Anna Rusakova   Ukraine

dot Paul Ryan Sketchbooks   [2]   UK
    dot Burma-Siam Railway | Hiroshima & Nagasaki
    • Drawing for Survival
    • Paper Video



dot Vjeko Sager   (b. Belgrade, Yugoslavia)   Canada   Reciprocal Link
    Drawing Fundamentals I: Sketchbook Ethics

      © 2007 Eduardo Salavisa   enlarge

dot Eduardo Salavisa   (biography)   portugal (English)
    dot Travel Diaries | Diary 36 [2007]
    dot portraits | archives
    dot graphic diary artists
    • de vuelta con el cuaderno
    • Blogger: e.s. (Eduardo Salavisa)
       desenhador do quotidiano

      field sketch, © 2010 Pedro Salgado (press to enlarge)

dot Pedro Salgado   portugal

dot Deb Salter   Australia

      © 2007 Dmitry Samarov

dot Dmitry Samarov | sketchbooks | MySpace   USSR USA
    sketchbooks: 1998-2004 | 2000-2004 | 1994-2000
      1994-1999 | 2005-2007 | 2007 | 2007-2008

dot Manuel San Payo   (b. 1957)   Portugal

dot José Maria Sánchez   (b. 1958)   Spain

dot Antonia Santolaya:   Cuadernos   spain

        Sargent, hand study for 'Death and Victory'
        © 2011, Harvard University

      John Singer Sargent, Switzerland 1870 sketchbook
      one of 46 drawings and watercolors in this sketchbook
      © 2011, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

dot John Singer Sargent (1856 - 1925)   USA
    • Metropolitan Museum of Art - Sargent
    • Hand studies for "Death and Victory"
    • Robert Louis Stevenson
    • Man on Sofa with Painter 1880
    • Dancer for "El Jaleo" 1880
    • Singer's "El Jaleo"
    • How to Draw Hands


          Bonaire Sketchbook © Scattergood-Moore
      • Bonaire Sketchbook
         Moray Eel, steel-point pen & ink
         Drawing Phyllis Reading, reed pen & ink

          Rollo May Lecture © 1975 Scattergood-Moore
      • 1971 Rollo May Ford Forum Lecture

          faculty meeting © 2008 Scattergood-Moore

dot Scattergood-Moore   USA
    • MyOpera: early drawings & sketchbook entries
    • Scattergood-Moore Blog | Sketchbook
    • IUOMA homepage   (blog)
       Sketchbook drawings
       Self Portraits
       Show us your Artspace!!!
        Tanzanian Sketchbook © 2009 by Scattergood-Moore
      • Scattergood-Moore: Tanzanian Classic Safari


dot Rico Schacher: My Dog Ate My Sketchbook   south africa

     sketchbook: "Boys & Girls" © 2011 Patricia Schappler

dot Patricia Elliott Schappler   USA   Reciprocal Link
    dot YouTube: "Boys and Girls"

dot Joe Scheider:  |  pages from the everyday   uk


dot Egon Scheile   (1890-1918)     (mature content)
        Early Sketchbook, Egon Schiele © private collection
        In 1911, Schiele met 17-year-old "Wally" Neuzil, who lived with him in Vienna and served as a model for some of his most striking paintings. They moved to Neulengbach, west of Vienna, and moved into an inexpensive studio. Schiele's studio was a gathering place for delinquent children and his way of life aroused much animosity among the town's inhabitants, and in April 1912 he was arrested for seducing a young girl below the age of consent. When they came to his studio to place him under arrest, the police seized more than a hundred drawings which they considered pornographic. Schiele was imprisoned while awaiting his trial. . .
dot Egon Schiele Early Sketchbook
   dot Sketchbook sketches
   dot Cell door
   dot Desktop in the prisoner of war camp in
, 1916

   dot Beyond the Pale
   dot Schiele's 1910-1913 sketchbook
        Egon Schiele usually carried a small sketchbook with him, jotting down his compositional ideas and other personal notions on the go. This facsimile edition provides unusual insight into the artist's mind and working methods. Twenty-two of these small scale sketchbooks are known to have survived. Most of them are now preserved in the Egon Schiele Archive of the Albertina in Vienna. The one reproduced here includes sketches for a number of important paintings from this period. In addition to the numerous drawings relating to Schiele's artistic oeuvre, there are several architectural sketches among the pages. There are also fashion sketches, miscellaneous notations, addresses, and calculations.
A reproduction based on the original from the Serge Sabarsky collection. Limited edition, numbered set of 1000 Neue Galerie exclusive. $140.00

   dot Egon Schiele: The Beginning
      Christian Bauer, ed. Hirmer Publishers, Sept 2013
      first book to focus on Schiele's early life and work
   dot Egon Schiele's sketchbooks
      Johannes Press: New York, 1967

The complete works by Egon Schiele
More than 530 images, slideshow, biography,
user comments, and more!

dot Manfred Schloesser:   Urban Sketchers   germany
    blog: Sketches & More

dot Bob Schulenberg   USA
    • May 10 to July 20, 1962 - France Sketchbook

dot Sol Schwartz Tanglewood Sketchbooks   USA

dot Alan Scott: Illustration   uk
    dot Sketches I | Sketches 2 | Sketches 3
"I carry a sketchbook particularly as a visual diary of events on holidays and trips. I also doodle all the time at meetings or on the telephone. Doodles in particular are definitely driven by the subconcious. Absent mindedly drawing a bull parked on the toilet during a meeting says it all."
    • rawstudio's sketching bookmarks on Delicious   Reciprocal Link

        page from Sesshosai's volume of woodcuts

dot Sesshosai   japan
      E-hon shiu-yo (3 vols) Miscellaneous sketches by Sesshosai.
      Engraver, Fujiye Shirobiyoye. Yedo and Osaka, 1784.

        page from Seurat's sketchbook © MoMA, NY

dot George Seurat Sketchbooks (MoMA)   fr
    • Seurat's sketchbooks | Bailey Zimmerman
        image 1  |  2  |  3

     self portrait, sketchbook entry © 2011 Bill Sharp

dot Bill Sharp's Sketch Blog   USA   Reciprocal Link
    dot Costa Rica Travel Journal (2007)
    • Pocket Sketchbook Meditations   Reciprocal Link

dot R. Sharpley: The Tames (1921)  UK

dot Allen Shaw: the old drifter   India   Germany
    Allen Shaw Communications

dot Ross Sheehan Sketchbook USA

dot Dave Shelton   uk
    dot Have you been out today?

dot Jamie Shovlin: The Saatchi Gallery   England
  • Naomi V Jelish, 2004, Extraneous Drawings,
    Private & School Sketchbooks: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

        Naomi Diary 3 © 2008 Jamie Shovlin

"...The story of Naomi (V Jelish) is moving, but it is a hoax, the products of the imagination of Shovlin, 25, from Leicester (UK), a graduate of the Royal College of Art, who spent three years creating the fantasy. He produced the drawings, the cuttings, the school reports et al in order, as he explained, 'to test the boundaries of ambiguity'." Naomi V Jelish is an anagram of Jamie Shovlin.

        (L) Sketching at Zoo - © 2007 Silverwoman Studio
        (R) Getty Museum sketch - © 2007 Silverwoman Studio

dot Silverwoman Studio (Deborah)   USA   Reciprocal Link
    • Getty Museum sketchbook page
    • Sektching at the Zoo
      Sketch of boys sketching Scarlet Ibis.

dot Vieira Siza   (b. 1933. Architect)   Portugal

dot Sketch Book Allstars

dot Sketch Cook, The

    " is a no-nonsense, artist-run website made to focus on the beauty and diversity of the 'sketchbook'. The sketchbook is an integral part of any artist's apparatus. This website gives artists a platform from which to display their work - by using it they can explore their own creative process while building links with others."
    • Contemporary Artists | Sketchbooks:
        • Arlene Diehl
        • Dawood Marion
        • Gareth Price
        • Ginger Geezer
        dot Joe Delaney Sketchbook
        • Michael A. De Feo
        dot Robert Foddering
        • Roy J. Beckemeyer: Antarctic Trip
        • Russell Stutler
        • Thomas Canty


    drawing marathon from around the world

dot Sketchbook Declarations (Kate/RISD)   USA

dot Sketchbook Month   link & comments


    • Spray Blog: Feb 2009
    • Sketchbooks & Artists Books at Home Gallery
    dot YouTube: Sketchbook Project:
       dot Patricia Schappler "Boys and Girls" (2011)
       dot emilybmiles: Sketchbook Project (2011)
       • Roberta Bairda: sketchbook (2011)
       • James Gilllespie (2011)

    Sketching in Nature
    • Weekend Mountains
    • David G. Derrick Jr.

    • Gabi Campanario
    • Thomas Thorspecken

dot Skyclad-arts: fine art model

dot SLOWMILE: Art | Walking | Learning   Portugal   link
    • Blog  |  Sketchbook Walks

dot Keri Smith   canada  
    FAQ: drawing
    ". . .a sketchbook must open flat, it must take watercolours, and it cannot be too heavy. I love the moleskines, they are by far my preference, but I find the sketchbook version (with the thick pages) has some kind of sizing on it that does not take watercolours easily (even though they advertise it to be for water based mediums). You have to 'push' the brush into the page repeatedly or the water will sit on the top. So I tend to stick with the thin page version (which bleeds a bit). i really like the smell of the moleskines too

    smithsonian: Archives of American Art
dot SMITHSONIAN, Washington, DC
   dot Archives of American Art (sketchbook)
      Visual Thinking: Sketchbooks: Curators' Choice

Sketchbooks are as varied as the artists who keep them. They are a repository of ideas, perceptions, inspirational imagery, and graphic experiments. "As personal records they afford an intimate glimpse of an artist's visual thinking and reveal aspects of their creative process." - AAA Collections: Sketchooks

      dot John White Alexander
      dot Elmer Bischoff
      dot Isabel Bishop
      dot Oscar Bluemner
      dot Harry Bouras
      dot Harrison Cady
      dot Lena Gurr
      dot William Michael Harnett
      dot Palmer Hayden
      dot Robert Henri
      dot Reginald Marsh
      dot Willard Metcalf
      dot David Park
      dot James Penney
Fairfield Porter
      dot Walter Shirlaw
      dot Worthington Whittredge
   dot Artists' Sketchbooks at the Smithsonian
   dot Making a Mark 2

dot Sokkia Engineer's Field Book as a Sketchbook

dot Soluto: Barbouilles et Croquis

dot Alexander Soukas:  Sketch Pad 1 | 3 | 4   USA
    • Oruhito's photostream
    • oil sketch of Lauren
    • FlickR lightbox: studies, studies, studies. . .

dot Dennis Spicer | sketchbook | life-drawings   uk

dot Martin Stankewitz: How to Draw a Tree 
    dot The sketchbook - a creative diary

dot Vivian Anthony Stanshall   UK
    Ginger Geezer: Vivian's Sketchbook

dot Starving Artists, Inc   usa

dot Pascale Plank Steig (aka Maxine)   USA
    "My sketchbooks are a source of comfort and pleasure. Whenever I feel bored or unsure about a situation, or when I plain don't feel like being sociable, I know that, in my purse, a world of escape awaits. They are my memory of events I enjoyed, my record of places visited, my outlet for what can't always quite be said in words." - The Hyphenate: Why I Draw by Maxine
    • Play Retreat 09
    • Maxine on the run: portfolio


dot Saul Steinberg   USA
   Cat, All Too Human
   Sketchbook - The New Yorker
   All in a Line
   Saul Steinberg

dot Stella im Hultberg   USA   (mature content)
    dot sketchbook
      • Blue sketchbook 2010 part 1
      • Blue sketchbook 2010 part 2
      • Blue Sketchbook 2010 part 3

dot Roz Stendahl: Roz Wound Up.   USA
    Visual Journals

dot drawing by Alfred F.H. Stephen
    from Sketchbook of New Caledonia, 1871-78
    Hordern House web catagogue

      Fuel: Uranium Drive-in 2008, graphite © Don Stinson

dot Don Stinson   USA
        oil paintings  |  watercolors
        • Fuel pump 2008 graphite on paPer 15"x 11"
        • Fuel: Uranium Drive-in 2008 graphite on paPer 11"x 14"
        • Bridge 2008 graphite on paPer 11"x 15"
   • Hudson River Contemporary: Works on Paper
      Boscobel House & Gardens, June 15 - Sept 15, 2011
      New York History

dot Frank Stockton   (sketchbook page)   USA

dot Student Artist's Sketchbook Visual Jounals
    by students of Michael Bell
    . Pierrette's visual journals
    . Tina's visual journals
    . Kim's visual journals
    . Matt's visual journals | 2nd visual journal
    . Alexandra's visual journals
    . more to come

        sketchbook watercolor, ©: Helen Strom

dot Helen Strom   fr

          elodie studler sketching mont saint-michel

      Sketchbook entry, copyright © 2012, Elodie Studler
        Carnet d'Israel, copyright © 2012, Elodie Studler

dot Elodie Studler    France *   link
    dot Carnets de voyage
    • art, photo and graphism world
    dot Carnets de voyages: Bonne route!
        • Carnet d'Afrique   • Carnet d'Irlande
        • Carnet d'Israel   • Carnets de Bretagne
    • drakkART - carnets de voyages
    • Blog: Elodie Studler, peintre graveur

dot Russel Stutler's Sketchbook

dot Subway Life

       my (only ever) sketch book © 2010 Dan Sumption
dot Dan Sumption Sketchbook   (about)   uk
    Traveling Moleskine by Rowan Sumption | 2

dot George Supreeth's Page   India
    • Pencil Jammers  


dot Graham V. Sutherland (1903-1980)   uk
    "Graham Sutherland was an English artist. From 1940 he was employed as an official artist in World War II, as part of the British War artist Scheme. He worked on the Home Front, depicting mining, industry, and bomb damage. Sutherland also painted a number of portraits, with one of Somerset Maugham (1949) the first and among the most famous. . ."

   Pembrokeshire sketchbooks © 2011 Galerie Besson


         Pembrokeshire sketchbook © Goldmark Gallery, UK

    Unseen Sutherland  |  images
       Pembrokeshire sketchbooks: watercolours and sketches.

    • 3 artists paint Pembrokeshire
    "Sutherland would wander around the coves on St Davids head with a little sketchbook in his hand, searching the seaweed and driftwood, looking for objects with interesting shapes: eroded rocks, tree-roots, a bleached skull, strange branches, rusty chains. All these details were isolated from their natural surroundings, and in his paintings and drawings were re-configured to express the emotions he experienced in the variety of forms seen in the landscape. . ." - Gerry Cordon
Tarkovsky revisited | Fayum mummy portrait

          Sutherland sketchbook
          © 2011 National Portrait Gallery

    dot Sutherland Sketchbook
      (Portrait of Somerset Maugham)
    "Artists often have sketchbooks as on going note books, used to keep quick sketches altogether for quick reference. The National Portrait Gallery owns several sketchbooks by Graham Sutherland, including one of compositional studies for his first portrait of Somerset Maugham in 1949. The sketchbook also contains studies of the Cote d'Azur landscape where the portrait was painted." - Investigating drawing, National Portrait Gallery, London
    • Portrait study of W Somerset Maugham
    • Portrait of Somerset Maugham,1953 lithograph
    • POrtrait of Somerset Maugham, painting
    • National Portrait Gallery
    • Nationall Museum Wales
    • Menton Sketchbook 1961
    • Churchill Sketchbook
    When Winston Churchill was in his eighties, Sutherland painted his portrait, which had the look of a befuddled bulldog. The controversial portrait, which Churchill himself hated because he said it 'makes me look half-witted', was commissioned in 1954 by past and present members of the House of Lords and House of Commons, and presented to the great statesman as a celebration of his eightieth birthday at a ceremony in Westminster Hall on November 30, 1954. The portrait was destroyed: it was burned on the orders of Churchill's wife out of anger only a year or two after its completion. . .
    • Fallen Nature
    • The Artist Winston Churchill Loved to Hate

    Patrick Swift
        Carvoeiro sketch, copy; 2011 Patrick Swift

dot Partick "Paddy" Swift (1927-1983)   ie

dot Jake Swokowski   Dark Lines on Paper   Portugal   link



dot LenoreTawney: Signs on the Wind (1907-2007)   USA

dot James E. Taylor Sketchbook
    Western Reserve Historical Society Publication

dot Stephanie Taylor Art: Telling Stories   USA
    dot Stephanie Taylor Studio   blog   Picasa
     dot Travel Sketches | thumbnails | Austia concert

       Rainy Landscape, © 2012, Pascal Tessier

dot Carnets graphics Pascal Tessier     france
    • "Matter and anti-memories" by Christophe Alsaleh
    • Moleskine Art

dot Eric Thake: War Artist   au
  dot sketchbook 1 | sketchbook 2 | sketchbook 3


dot THE DESIGN FILE: food & art
Uncovered: Food for Thought, "I believe that a sketchbook is as much a work of art as a finished painting, sculpture or photograph. . . Sketchbooks can be the story behind the story or the glimpse into the artist's mind." - Kate Oberreich, curator.
Kate Oberreich
Lydia Burris.

    The Essence of Line
THE ESSENCE OF LINE: French Drawings from Ingres to Degas
Sketchbooks: "Central to the process of artistic creation - for gathering information, sharpening visual acuity, generating ideas, and preparing for larger, more complex works - drawings are considered the most intimate and personal of all art forms. A uniquely Western phenomenon, they are a revealing expression of an artist's temperament, style, and working methods. The sketchbooks below were acquired by George A. Lucas (1824-1909), a Baltimore collector and art agent who arrived in Paris in 1857. . .
Antoine-Louis Barye (1795-1875)
Karl Bodmer (1809-1893)
Charles Emile Jacque (1813-1894)
Benedict Masson (1819-1893)
Album 2 - Prayer
Album 3 - Prayer

    Wayne Thiebaud

dot Wayne Thiebaud   USA
      thiebaud sketchbook
    Wayne Thiebaud: Sketchbook
      (Abrams Facsimile Reproduction Sketchbook)

dot Jasper Steven Thomas: Sketchbooks   USA
    2009 Moleskin Sketchbook
    2003 Sketch Book 1  |  Book 2   (more)
    Moleskine Link  |  Jasper Thomas
    Moleskine: myDetour 5x5 - Gallery

        from Elizabeth Thompson's 1868 military sketchbook

dot Elizabeth S. Thompson (Lady Butler) (1846-1933)  uk
    • 19th Century female military artist
    dot Internet Arcive   (read online)
    • The 28th Regiment at Quatre Bras

dot Tom Thomson |   The Collection   canada

    the leopard sketchbook Ms Abramovic
    Sketchbook "Ms Abramovic" © 2012 The Leopard

dot The Leopard (blog)   sketchbook   USA

dot Christopher Thornock: sketchbooks   USA
    sketchbook: Ms. Abramovic

    by Lesa Moriarity   ca


dot Jeral Tidwell Sketchbook   USA

        mixed media, 2008, © Igor Tishin

dot Igor Tishin - Barbarian Art Gallery (b. 1958)   Belarus Belgium
    dot Sketchbook: "Line of Soutine"
    • Francis Bacon in studio, 2008
    • MV DÉCOUVERETES (blog)
    • Museum of Contemporary Russian Art

      iPhone portrait,   © 2012 Ole Tillman

dot Ole Tillman: NYC Subway Drawings   US
NYC Subway Drawings: "A collection of drawings I made on my phone, using my fingers and an app called "Brushes". I keep adding on as I ride around the city. . ." - Ole Tillman"
YouTube: woman sleeping
YouTube: woman reading

          animated gif © 2009 John Tollett

dot Sketchbooks by John Tollett | more   USA
    Italia sketchbook | Kauai sketches | Kitka sketches
    Url's Internet Cafe:   Site Index
    also see: Robin Williams   table of contents

dot Jane Tomlinson sketchbook   uk
    Sesriem, Namibia, 2007

dot Joseph R. Tomlinson   USA  

    © 2007 Guillermo del Toro - press to enlarge

dot Guillermo Del Toro's Sketchbook   [Blog]   mexico
    dot sketchbook pages

    Untitled (Sketchbook Page)
      untitled (sketchbook page), circa 1930-32

dot Helen Torr   (1886-1967 - married to Arthur Dove)   USA
    dot Sketchbook pages, Alexandre Gallery, NY
        untitled (landscpae) | untitled (plant)
        The Demuth Foundation

    Casey Toussaint
      "Birds" watercolor, © 2012 Casey Toussaint

dot Casey Toussaint   france

dot Mike Tracy:   Sketchbook Main Page   USA
    • Sketchbook 2007 | 2008 | 2009
    • Blogger: Mike Tracy's Ulysses Sketchbook  

      Steven Trefonides
"This is the first volume of what I hope will be a series of reproductions of the sketchbooks that my father, Steve Trefonides, has produced throughout his career. This one was made while he traveled with my mother, Phyllis, through Paris and Brussels in the mid 1980s."

dot Steven Trefonides   USA
   Sketchbook: Paris and Brussels, 1986
   • view sketchbook

dot Cally Trench  |  Sketchbook Circle  uk
    • South Hill Park Sketch Book Circle

            Copyright © 2011 Trendland: Cyril Foiret

dot TRENDLAND: Creative Sketchbook Collages
    • Mixed-Media Sketchbook Art

dot Trollboy's Blog   USA

dot Sophie Truong: A virtual sketchbook   USA


        Joseph M. W. Turner sketchbook ©

dot Joseph M. W. Turner (1775-1851)   uk
    dot Turner's Sketchbooks: 1790s
        The Art of the Landscape
    dot Turner Sketchbooks at Tate, London
        JMW Turner: Drawing
    Turner Erotic Figure Studies, ca.1805

    • JMW Turner Erotic Figure Studies, ca.1805

dot Turnierbuch  
    Digitale Bibliothek: Marx Walther

dot Travel Sketchbook by Katherine Tyrrell   uk
    • July 23rd, 2006
    • How to Sketch  |  sketchbook resources



dot UNDERCOVER: Artists' Sketchbooks

dot Under cover: History of Visual Jorunalism
    • Benjamin Champney
    • Sanford Robinson Gifford

    • Flickr Urban Sketchers   started by Gabi Campanario
    • search: 'artists sketchbooks' online  
    "Urban Sketchers is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising the artistic, storytelling and educational value of location drawing, promoting its practice and connecting people around the world who draw on location where they live and travel. . ."



       sketchbook drawings © 2011 Nicolás Uribe

dot Nicolás Uribe   colombia

dot Nathan (Herman Utix) at
    from sketchbooks: hands & feet | difficult parts
    more sketchbook pages



"A sketchbook believed to have been Vincent van Gogh's containing portraits similar to those in his most famous works has been found in Greece... Taken by a Greek resistance fighter from a Nazi train, the sketchbook was discovered in storage boxes by his daughter, who is seeking to establish its authenticity with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam..."
    Sketchbook discovered in Greece
    Video  |  Through the Sketchbook

dot Vincent Van Gogh   (1853-1890)   biography   Netherlands
  dot The Drawings
  dot The Complete Letters
  dot Letter Sketches
      Catalog of Letter Sketches

  van Gogh Letters Web Exhibit

  dot van Gogh Blog |  van Gogh Letters Project

        © 2009 Thames & Hudon Publishers

    dot Vincent van Gogy - The Letters
    The Complete Illustrated and Annotated Edition
    Edited by Leo Jansen, Hans Luijten & Nienke Bakker
    6 hardback volumes with CD-ROM in a slipcase
    2164 pages | 4300 illustrations
    Published by Thames & Hudson, 2009 [$600.00]

"In spite of everything I shall rise again: I will take up my pencil, which I have forsaken in my great discouragement, and I will go on with my drawing"

"My sketchbook is a witness of what I am experiencing, scribbling things whenever they happen."
Vincent Van Gogh

dot Francis Vallejo  |  sketchbook   USA

dot Ronell Van Wyk south african flag french flag
    Sketchbook exchange

      © 2007 The British Library

dot Andreas Vesalius
    De Humani Corporis Fabrica

dot Villard de Honnecourt Sketchbook

dot - dagaberto_acme
    Robert Crumb Sketchbook, c.1970  

dot Vivienne: Kitchen Table Sketches   Australia

dot Thierry Vroye: TPV | Carnet de voyage   Belgium



dot Alfred Wainwright:   Lakeland Sketchbook 1
    Lakeland Sketchbook 2 | Lakeland Sketchbook 3
    Lakeland Sketchbook 4 | Lakeland Sketchbook 5

dot Brandon Waite: Sketch BW   USA
    Ren-Art  :   sketchbook   &   tools

dot Robin Miao Wang's Art Blog!

dot Alfred Thomas Warbis

dot Chris Ware

dot Lari Washburn   usa   Reciprocal Link
  • More Sketchbooks (Carol E. McMahon)  Reciprocal Link

dot Homer Watson   |   Home Page

dot E. K. Weaver: Big Big Truck Sketchbook   usa

dot Grace Weaver: Things   UK

dot Angela Weddlea; The Sketch Hunter

        from "Monday" sketchbook © 2008 Barbara Weeks

dot Barbara Weeks: Drawing Breath (blog)   USA   Reciprocal Link
    Monday at the Zoo  |  Maasai

    ". . .The best way to draw often is to carry a sketchbook with you wherever you go. This way you will always be ready when the inspiration strikes... To maximize convenience, I recommended having several sketchbooks of varied sizes, so that depending on where you're going when you leave home, you can grab the one that's most appropriate. For small sizes, I love the Moleskine sketchbooks, and for larger sizes I use the Canson spiral-bound sketchbooks. Have fun out there, and don't forget your sunscreen!"
Sketchbook Habit by Mike Wiesmeier
dot Mike Wiesmeier blog | Sketching in Tuscany   USA
    • Delacroix sketchbook page
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    September 12, 2010

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      Listening sketchbook, © 2011, Sarah J. Wilde

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    Blogger: Daily Drawings
    To be featured in 2007:
    . Blank International Sketchbook Project
    . The Little Chimp Society's Sketchbook Projects

"Think of a sketchbook as a souvenir of your everyday life. It can be a place to record your impressions or work out a visual difficulty, as well as a repository for ideas, notes, doodles and ticket stubs..." - Ellen Wineberg

dot Ian Winstanley's Scrapbook
    Mining Art | Ian's Site

            journal entries © 2014 David Wojnarwiczs

David Wojnarwicz (1954-1992)   USA
. . . artist, writer, & activist. dot
dot "Years Ago Before the Nation Went Bankrupt"
dot Queer Arts Resources
dot Visual AIDS
dot David Wojnarowicz Papers ca. 1954-1992

dot Hyun Woo Lim:
   MAXER: New Sketchbook 1 & 2

      sketchbook © 2011 Tom Wood

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    • Cindy Woods and Ronda

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dot Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day
    NOT a sketchbook site in the usual sense!
    [CK]   Pinhole Photography   (links)

dot Wren Designs
   dot sketchbook (see slideshow)

      Sketchbook entry © 2011 Roberta Wright

dot Roberta Wright   sketchbooks  

dot Timonthy J. Wright | Sketch Blog

      Window at the Olsons © 2011 Andrew Wyeth

dot Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009)   uk
    • Sketch of Olson House
    • Sketch of Olson Window



    Gu Xiona sketchbook
        sketchbook entry © 2012 Gu Xiona

dot Gu Xiong
"Like millions of others, Gu Xiong was a victim of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. At 17 he was taken from his family, blacklisted because they were educated and outspoken, and sent to the remote countryside to work dawn to dusk in the fields. Hungry, weary, he picked up a pencil and by the light of a kerosene lantern started to draw the people and objects around him. The drawing became an obsession - he filled 25 sketchbooks - and it gave him strength. 'My hope rose from within through my art,' he says now." - Gavin Wilson

Gu is now an associate professor at the Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory, the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

    diane farris gallery:   Gu Xiong's Sketchbook   bio
    • China Art Current

dot ZEPoRAMA | ZEP autoportraits France
   dot Les Carnets:   Divers

dot Qing Zhang   USA
    • sketchbook page

dot Isabelle (Izys) Zyskind   France  Reciprocal Link
    (Un annuaire mondial de carnets de voyage)
    Carnet de Vacances (France)   (diaporama)
    Sahara (Sud Algérie)  |  Himalaya
    albums illustres, les miens... (diaporama)




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dot Centre Pompidou: online resources

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dot The Getty:
  dot Edgar G.H. Degas | Sketchbook
      . Halévy's Inscripptions
      . Reyer and the Washerwoman
      . Caricature Sketches
      . Interior Scene
  dot Théodore Géricault | Sketchbook
  dot Description of Architectural Drawings
  dot Neoclassical Sketchbooks and Prints
  dot Swooning Virgin... & St George & the Dragon

dot Metropolitan Museum of Art:
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  dot Robert Havell, Jr.
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  dot George B. Luks
  dot Flaminio I. Minozzi

dot State Library of Victoria:
  dot Ludwig Becker Sketchbook
  dot William Strutt's sketchbook
  dot Eric Thake:: War Artist
      sketchbook 1 | book 2 | book 3

dot Sketchbooks at Tate Collection
  dot John F. Lewis
  dot JMW Turner Worldwide
  dot John Varley

dot Victoria and Albert Museum   (sketchbooks)
  • Architests' Sketchbooks essay | where
  videos: - Lutyen's Sketchbook (QT movie)
  • Concealed, Discovered, Revealed
  John Constable Sketchbook
  • The Moving Sketchbook by Kristyna Baczynski Krystyna A Collection of Animations











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